Leditor: WEED better talk about this week

Culture section covers basics of cannabis culture



Culture editor explores cannabis culture at WSU and in Pullman area.


Hey there, you culture section readers!

You may have noticed this week is a special edition!

We have granted anonymity privileges for this week as we talk about a touchy subject: Weed/Cannabis.

As a substance that is not legal in other areas of the U.S. and the world, cannabis can be a tough subject to understand. We want to help the broader public understand the basics of Weed Culture!

We cover three basics: weed etiquette, what to call weed and the best music to listen to while under the influence.

To clear this up for my comfort, I am 20.

I am not 21.

I have written the “What to call weed” article with the intention that everyone, not just cannabis users, can take this information and consciously choose their language when referring to “the good stuff.”

Some words have heavy connotations, some are silly and some are shorted versions of different parts of cannabis. This is not me telling you what words you can and can not use; I simply hope you understand the history behind certain phrases. You can decide what to do with that information.

However, I believe cannabis history and culture need to be better understood. That starts with understanding the culture at a basic level. If you are interested in these, I highly encourage you to look into deeper conversations about cannabis.

Have fun reading this edition!