The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Courtesy of the Daily Evergreen opinion section



It can be overwhelming to figure out what to do during a season so rife with possibility. If you need a place to start, three Evergreen columnists have got your back.

Did you know that they call it a “bucket” list because it is a list of things to do before you kick the bucket? I do not think I realized that until I was 20-years-old. Although somewhat morbid in name, bucket lists can serve as a guide to living your best life and having beautiful experiences (you know, before you die).

That is why we compiled this list for you, Cougs. Feel free to use these bucket list items to make this your best summer yet, whether you are a student, someone looking for things to do in Washington this summer, or just someone wanting some new experiences.


The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for College Students, courtesy of Annabelle Pepin

Nothing to do and all day to do it? Summer is a time to grow and change, but also to live your younger years to the fullest. Here is a list of somewhat wholesome things college students can do to fill the long hours of the upcoming hot summer days. 

Make Your Own Ice Cream

I honestly cannot say I have ever met someone that hates ice cream. Considering this blatant fact (that ice cream is amazing), there are many simple ways to make it yourself. If you are like me and do not eat dairy, there are plenty of dairy-free and plant-based options

Just imagine it: Your friends and you are making your own ice cream and laughing in the yard. Even if you fail miserably, at least it will be a good story to tell. 

Watch the Sunrise 

Waking up before the rest of the world is a feeling that is truly unmatched. Grabbing a blanket and sitting on your car roof, or walking a bit to get there with your friends is such an iconic scenario. 

Have your main character movie moment, with the benefit of having a cute photoshoot with your friends (or even by yourself). 

Go Skinny Dipping

This is one of the most iconic things to do as a young adult. This is on my personal bucket list as well, considering all of my friends made fun of me for being the only one in our friend group that has not skinny-dipped.

Imagine your future children asking you if you have skinny-dipped and you say “no.” This is essential for a bucket list, so we can do it together (not together, but we can all check it off before the fall). 

Visit a Friend from a Different College 

Considering the spring semester at the WSU earlier  than most other universities around the country, it is the perfect opportunity to visit people you miss and if you miss the feeling of a college campus. 

As far as I know, most schools are still in session until mid-June, so there is still enough time to make a harmless impulsive decision. On top of that, there is nothing better than going on a road-trip, or spending time in a new place, especially if life at home is stressful for you. 

Go Camping With Friends 

This right here is such a niche college experience that everyone should do. If you are not suffering in the cold of the night in a tent with your favorite people at least once in your young-adult life, you are missing out on some great memories. 

This is another one that really boils down to the rhetorical question of did I live my college life to the fullest? If you are not camping with your friends, or spending time with them in an outdoor setting, then the answer is no. 

We spend way too much time online and in the world of social media, so a level of grounding with the outside world and unplugging directly benefits mental health and gives the opportunity to strengthen relationships with friends, yourself and the outside world. 


Summer in and around Pullman, courtesy of Carson Holland 

Bar crawl Pullman from The Land to My Office

I already did a mini test run of this with my friends and loved it! There are so many cool spots around Pullman that you could miss. Shout out to My Office, which I went to for the first time. The food is great there!

Try a new restaurant in Pullman/Moscow every week

My desire to cook during summer comes in waves, especially using the limited amount of equipment that I have. With so many good places to grab grub on the Palouse, it would be a shame if I missed one. If anyone has any recommendations, send them my way. 

Drive out to surrounding hiking (Steptoe Butte, Elk Creek Falls)

Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the warm weather, and there are plenty around the Palouse. One of my favorites is Elk Creek Falls, which I plan to revisit, but I also want to try out as many as I can. There are lots of hikes you can try with plenty of fun websites. 

First place in trivia at least two of the bars

Most of the bars around here have a trivia night of some kind, from Another Round Brewing to Moscow’s Alehouse and many between. If you find you do not have anything to do during one of the nights I would recommend hitting up trivia! 

Not get ticketed by Parking

A losing battle, I know.

Start watching the Obi-Wan show

I am notoriously bad at finishing shows (still have not quite gotten to the end of “Loki”) but the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show on Disney+ is getting me excited. For all you “Star Wars” fans out there, I think it will not disappoint. 

Finish a book a week 

My friends love to recommend books for me to read, and I have promised I will get to them without much success. This summer I hope we can all sit back and relax with a good book in our hands, hopefully a few!

Find good hammocking spots around Pullman

Hammocking after a long day of classes or work is one of the most relaxing things in my mind. There are plenty of good spots that are just waiting to be found. 

Go to the river as often as possible

Good way to cool off and hang out with some friends! If they are open, I would recommend hitting up the river as often as you can. 

Beat the heat, pool time

Either that or find someone with pool access!


The Summer Bucket List for People Who Hate Summer, courtesy of Kestra Engstrom

I know this is a minority opinion, but I cannot stand summertime. The heat, the sweating, the excessive sunshine? Where’s the appeal? Yet, I have lived through 20 summers so far, and I hope to live through at least a few more, so here is a summer bucket list for people who hate summer!

Revamp your wardrobe

I hate summer, but I love summer fashion! Sometimes a new outfit can get me a little more excited about having to go out in the oppressive heat (at least, when I do not sweat through it). For options that are kind to your wallet and the world, try exploring thrift stores! And for my kindred hermits who do not even want to leave the house, online shopping is your friend.

Learn to enjoy the outdoors

Yeah, I know, it is hot, it is dirty, but hey, it is good for your brain and body to get outside. It is even better when you do not spend the whole time wishing you were back inside.

Getting outside does not have to mean going on an all-day hike or getting a bunch of sand in your shoes at the beach. Enjoying nature can be as simple as reading a book in your backyard, or putting your dog on a leash and taking them down the street. The outdoors does not have to be a miserable experience! Appreciate it in your own way.

Try out yoga

Great for the body, mind and soul, plus you can do it anywhere! In my humble opinion, yoga is the ultimate physical activity. The best part? You do not need any equipment.

For beginners, I seriously recommend Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. No joke, she will change your life.

Create your summer soundtrack

How are you supposed to have a hot girl summer without the right soundtrack? Creating a killer playlist can make everything better, even a whole season you hate!

Enjoy summer foods

Let’s be real, it is hard to enjoy a bowl of watermelon, a glass of lemonade or a strawberry popsicle on your back patio when it is snowing outside. Summer is the only time that you can comfortably indulge in a snow cone or an iced coffee without your fingers and tongue freezing off, so eat as much of them as possible!

(And please do not worry about calories. Is it summer? Do you have a body? Congrats, you have a summer body.)


No matter who are you, where you are, or what you like, summer is a time to have fun and explore all the amazing things the world has to offer. So fill up a water bottle, slather on the sunscreen and start ticking items off of your summer bucket list!