OPINION: ‘Healing Girl Summer’ is the new ‘Hot Girl Summer’

Break from relationships, re-introduction to yourself is cure for post-breakup blues



My healing girl summer is all about relaxation, self-love, and iced coffee.

JORDAN AHLSTEDT, Evergreen columnist

Ladies and gentlemen, ya girl is single.

I have had a couple of months and a trip to Greece to mull it over.

I went through all the stages of grief, but the idea of jumping back into a committed relationship does not sound appealing yet.

What does sound appealing is “hot girl summer” – well, a “finding myself” version. And I am not alone.

Hannah Lewandowski, senior English education major, says that her hot girl summer will include iced coffee, long walks and good podcasts.

Does anyone else feel a rush of serotonin when they take the first sip of an iced coffee? Plus, nothing screams main character like a hot girl walk with an iced coffee in hand and a murder podcast in your ear.

Sophomore zoology major Chloe Link put it simply: healing girl summer trumps hot girl summer.

In fact, it is becoming the new hot girl summer.

Last year, the New York Times reported on “healing girl summer,” a phrase coined by TikTok creator Helena Honey Selassie.

Selassie did not resonate with the typical hot girl summer; she felt her summer needed something more.

“I felt like my summer needed self-care, learning to love myself and unlearning behaviors that were causing me stress and anxiety,” she said.

But do not think that we are bashing hot girl summer.

“‘Hot girl summer’ is about feeling confident in who you are and looking good while doing it. ‘Healing girl summer’ is all about learning to love yourself, and eventually love someone else even after you have been hurt,” she explains.

The New York Times article also followed another TikTok content creator, Angel Dy, who needed a break from relationships.

“Prepandemic, I was constantly in relationships back-to-back-to-back. I was scared to be alone and couldn’t handle my own insecurities. I used relationships to bandage the wound instead of healing it,” she said.

I have not been single this long in almost two years, and after reading what Dy said, I think my situation was a lot like hers.

I have consistently dated men who do not match my fundamental values, yet, somehow, I felt the need to see past all of that because I was being loved.

But when your partner cheats on you, it puts things into perspective.

I have decided to set my standards higher. Not only for prospective partners, but for myself as well.

So my hot girl summer is not going to include dating.

Okay, it might include some shameless flirting. (After all, I am still human.) But men will not be on my top 10 list of things to do this summer.

I need to focus on myself and what will make me as happy and healthy as possible.

Who knows? Maybe this will turn into healing girl fall.

Cue the main character music.