Student organizations to look out for this year

Clubs, centers, coalitions alike open their arms to new students

GABRIELLE FELICIANO, Evergreen life editor

As the fall semester approaches, organizations across campus are preparing for an influx of students eager to engage with the WSU community. But for many, getting involved can be a challenge. Where does one start? How can one learn more? Look no further, because the following is a list of numerous clubs and activities that students, both new and old, can join this year.

Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement is a civic engagement club that empowers students to participate in community service. Members of the CCE have the opportunity to clean up neighborhoods, restock food pantries and more. To give back to communities across the Palouse, visit their website or Facebook.

Art Club

Art Club is a community where students, staff and Pullman residents alike can engage in creative endeavors. Art Club encourages everyone to join and create something new, no matter the background. To explore opportunities in the arts on campus and beyond, visit their Instagram or Facebook.

Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC)

GIESORC supports students, staff and alumni through various resources and initiatives. Although they focus on the needs of those in the LGBTQ+ community, the GIESORC promotes the growth of all students. For more information, visit their website

STAGE Student Theatre

STAGE Student Theatre is a student theater group at WSU that puts on performances throughout the year. Currently, STAGE is the only all-student theater organization in Pullman. Nuthouse is an award-winning improvisational comedy group and is part of STAGE. To become a part of STAGE’s productions, visit STAGE’s Instagram or Facebook

African American Student Center (AASC)

The African American Student Center aims to support students of all backgrounds via academic, sociocultural and career-focused services. Although said services are unique to those in the Black community, all students are welcome to come and learn about Black history and culture. For more information, visit their website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Fashion Club

Fashion Club invites students interested in any area of the fashion industry to join and connect with one another, regardless of major. Members of Fashion Club participate in various fashion-related activities throughout the year, making an effort to keep up with all fashion-related news. To learn more, visit their Instagram or Facebook.

Chicanx Latinx Student Center (CLSC)

The Chicanx Latinx Student Center promotes success and achievement for all students, especially those of Latin and/or Spanish heritage. The CLSC does so by providing guidance, programming and other services to those who need it. For more information, visit their website, Instagram or Facebook.

Detour Dance Company

Detour Dance Company fosters an environment where students with a love for dance can grow in their area of passion. All dance styles are welcome; in the past, Detour has performed hip hop, tap, African, salsa, lyrical and break-dancing routines. To dance with Detour, visit their website or Facebook.

Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (APASC)

The Asian Pacific American Student Coalition aims to support Asian Pacific students while emphasizing cultural diversity. Some of the student organizations that the APASC associates with include the Filipino American Student Association (FASA), Hui Hau’oli ‘O Hawai’i (also known as Hawai’i Club), Mitamitaga O Samoa (MOS) and the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). For more information, visit their website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Undergraduate Research Club (URC)

The URC is an organization that fosters connections between students who share an interest in research. Members of the URC have access to new research-related opportunities and other resources for advancing their own careers in research. To learn more, visit their website, Instagram or Facebook.

Esports and Gaming Association

The Esports and Gaming Association is a community centered around all things gaming, including WSU’s various esports teams. Both casual and experienced gamers are invited to join them for watch parties, giveaways and more. For more information, visit their Twitch, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Coalition for Women Students (CWS)

The Coalition for Women Students advocates for gender equality by meeting the needs of women students on campus, especially those of women of color. Some of the student organizations that the CWS associates with include the Native American Women’s Association (NAWA), the Association of Pacific and Asian Women (APAW), Black Women’s Caucus and Mujeres Unidas. To learn more, visit their website, Instagram or Facebook.

This list is only the beginning; currently, WSU has almost 500 organizations, with some as niche as the department clubs and others as popular as the sports clubs. At WSU, there is something for everyone, and there’s no place like a university to find that something for oneself.