Cougar Cowgirl: Kappa Delta Crossover

A look into managing rodeo and Greek life

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

All of Work Week, which is the preparation for sorority recruitment at WSU, began on Aug 8. Even though I was supposed to be at work week preparing and practicing for recruitment, I was at the Farm-City Pro Rodeo and the Omak Stampede. 

I made it up to Pullman on Sunday, and by Monday at 5 a.m. I was up and at ’em’, curling my hair, putting on my skirt and getting ready to recruit some freshmen. 

Kappa Delta has been a great addition to my college experience and I have met some of my best friends in the house. Thankfully, KD is very supportive of my rodeoing and allowed me to miss work week so that I could compete at some very important circuit rodeos.

I recruited Monday and Tuesday, which I am so happy I got to do. Seeing all of the excited freshmen eager to be part of Greek Life was so precious and reminded me of myself two years ago. 

After two 12-hour-long days, I drove back to my hometown in Stanfield, Oregon, Wednesday morning so that I could practice my roping and get everything ready for another rodeo weekend. 

This morning my parents and I are headed to the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo in Canby, Oregon. This is a really good circuit rodeo and after a recent bad weekend, I am eager to turn the tables.

Anyways, tomorrow I will go to the Moses Lake Roundup and after I finish roping, I will drive the two and a half hours back to Pullman. I will get to Pullman pretty darn late, but Saturday morning is the Preference Round for sorority recruitment, which is a really important day for all of the chapters. 

It is really hard having to constantly drive back and forth, miss out on certain days at school and with my sorority, and also miss out on being able to practice my roping. Sometimes I question whether or not it is worth all of the stress and hassle to do both. 

However, at the end of the day, I could never not rodeo and my college experience would not be the same without all of my awesome friends and the opportunities KD gives me. 

My junior year starts on Monday, and I am absolutely terrified of the fact that 1) I am getting older and 2) I am wanting to go to every circuit rodeo even though many are in the middle of the school week.

In fact, on my second day of school, I am driving over to the Tri-Cities area after class to rope in the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo in Kennewick. Then, after I rope I will drive back to Pullman so that I can go to class Wednesday morning. Mind you, this is a three-hour drive. 

I have a long week of early mornings, hour-long drives, recruiting, rodeoing and preparing for my first day of school ahead of me, but I guess that is what happens when a cowgirl meets Greek Life and a double-major.