ZZU CRU leads the best student section in the Pac-12

Never underestimate the passion of the Cougar Faithful



Butch T. Cougar crowd surfs in the student section during an NCAA college football game against Oregon, Sep. 24.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Editor-in-chief

Whether a current student or alum, the passion of being a Coug fan never dies. Young or old, the school has some of the best fans in the nation. 

The Cougs travel well. In the Apple Cup last season, the Cougs rushed the field to celebrate the massive win. The students and fans came out in force to support their team in their big rivalry game. 

Speaking of traveling well, no other school has a tradition such as the tradition of Ol’ Crimson on ESPN College Gameday. Ever since 2003 and for 276 consecutive broadcasts, the WSU flag has waved on every College Gameday. When looking at the student section at home games over the past two seasons, you’ll see an abundance of crimson, gray and a hint of yellow? We can thank ‘Banana Guy’ for that. Over the past two years, a sophomore student has dawned a banana suit at every home game and represents the passion for Wazzu. 

Whether it is the chomp on third down as the Cougar Marching Band plays Jaws, rushing the field after a huge upset win or just making noise, the Cougs bring it on every game day and give their team an incredible home-field advantage. 

While some hate it, one of the best sights to behold at Martin Stadium comes after the first quarter. As the jumbotron shows a package of some of the most memorable moments in Coug history, ‘Back Home’ by Andy Grammar starts playing. 

Even those who hate it have to admit that it is amazing to see a stadium full of people singing along to a song. 

Having such a dedicated fan base helps out in several different ways. In the game against Oregon, hearing the eruption of the crowd made it hard for the Ducks to get set and even led to several false start penalties. 

Before the game, those on the Ducks with experience playing in Pullman would warn their teammates to not underestimate the volume of the crowd going in. One of those players was Center Alex Forsyth.

“It’s deceiving because their stadium doesn’t hold a whole lot. But I told [teammates], “It’s probably the loudest place I’ve ever been when there are fans in there,” Forsyth said.

Players in all sports love the support from the students, as it truly makes a difference in the play on the field. Such as in the Oregon game, on paper, they are a more talented and well-rounded team. 

In an empty stadium, more than likely Oregon would win by a couple of scores. But, in Pullman in front of the first sold-out stadium since 2019 against Stanford, the Cougs had a lead for a majority of the game and almost walked away with a massive upset. 

In their postgame press conference, coaches and players alike praised the noise that the fans were able to make and the difference it made in their ability to execute on both sides of the ball. 

“Our fans did a great job … It means a lot to [the players],” head coach Jake Dickert said postgame

Dickert is a fan favorite for his dedication to creating a winning culture in Pullman. Looking at his personal Twitter account, he is often seen posting to get fans in the stadium and hyped for game day. 

In the same way that he is appreciative of the fan’s support, the fans are appreciative of his hard work and coaching.

Coach Dickert was not the only one willing to praise the students and fans. Several players attributed much of the success of the game to the atmosphere and noise. 

“They had a big impact. The student section was lit,” quarterback Cameron Ward said postgame.

“Our student section is one of the craziest in the Pac. We definitely felt that energy coming from the crowd. Love you guys,” linebacker Travion Brown said postgame

“Crowd really played a big factor,” wide receiver Robert Ferrel said postgame.

Overall, being able to generate the passion and atmosphere that is apparent on game days in Pullman is a huge part of why so many people are proud to rep the crimson and gray even decades after they graduate. 

Go Cougs.