Cougar Cowgirl: A short break before junior season

Josie feels like a college student, kid again after homecoming football game



Josie Goodrich and Keeper look towards first college rodeo of the 2022 season after a good college season this past spring

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

I took a little break from the rodeo world to spend some time in Pullman, which turned into me picking up a new hobby – chariot racing.

I found out Saturday during halftime of the Homecoming football game I am one of the speediest little blondes I know, considering my Greek life chariot racing team and I won the whole thing! 

All jokes aside, Kappa Delta, Lambdas and Sigma Nu made quite the team for the chariot races. It was so much fun getting to spend homecoming week in Pullman with my friends and be a college kid.

I seriously feel like I am not a college kid half of the time and I am already an adult. Regardless of only being 20 and being dramatic, you can’t blame me for feeling that way.

When I am in Pullman I am spending a lot of my free time doing everything that is due for the week and typically trying to turn it all in by Thursday. Then, I drive home and spend the weekend rodeoing. 

Then repeat. Every week.

It is hard to feel like a kid when it feels like I never do kid things anymore, so running in the chariot race this weekend was seriously such a fun moment for me because I finally felt a part of Pullman.

While I had my fun, it is time to get back to the arena. I have my very first college rodeo of the year this weekend and I am so nervous.

I’m mostly nervous about the fact that Keeper has not been exercised much and I feel like I literally forgot how to run barrels. I love running barrels on him but I really have given a lot more focus to my roping, so I hope I still can get it figured out this weekend.

I also have not roped off of Ruby in at least two weeks, so I am extremely rusty and so not prepared. I have enjoyed my time in Pullman, but I am nervous if it was the right choice to stay here and not practice for a few weeks. 

Roping means everything to me and I have really applied myself and made a lot of sacrifices (prior to these last few weeks), so I am praying it shows. 

I debated even college rodeoing this year and just spending my time in Pullman and only going home for pro rodeos, but the circuit finals are in three weekends and the college rodeos will be great practice for that.

This weekend and next weekend I have college rodeos on Friday and Saturday, meaning I will be going home Thursday of this week and next. It is hard juggling classes, homework and rodeo but I have some really helpful professors and awesome parents who help me do it all. 

All in all, I am ecstatic to put on my cowboy hat and get my booty back in the saddle.