A comparison of the 2022 vs. 2001 Seattle Mariners playoff teams

Comparing the last two Seattle Playoff teams’ position by position



The Seattle Mariners

JAKE HULL, Evergreen reporter

The 2022 Seattle Mariners baseball team clinched the Wild Card in the MLB after a walk-off home run on a full count from Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh Friday. They finished the 2022 season with a record of 90-71. They finished second in the AL West and are the No. 5 seed heading into the postseason.

This is the first time in 21 years the Mariners have made the playoffs, ending their drought. The last time they made the playoffs was in 2001.

2001 vs. 2022

In 2001, the Seattle Mariners baseball team won 116 games and lost 46 to finish the season first in the AL West. The 116 wins are tied for the most in a season in MLB history with the 1906 Chicago Cubs who went 116-36. The 2001 Mariners were managed by Lou Piniella. As a team, the Mariners hit 169 home runs and had 1637 hits and 881 RBIs. After winning the AL Division Series 3-2 over the Cleveland Indians, the Mariners lost the AL Championship Series 4-1 to the New York Yankees. The Mariners scored 927 runs and allowed 627 in 2001.

Catcher: Dan Wilson vs. Cal Raleigh:

2001 catcher Dan Wilson, 32, played in 123 games for the Mariners. He had 100 hits, 10 home runs and 42 RBIs. Wilson scored 44 runs and struck out 69 times. On the defensive side Wilson caught 18 runners stealing and allowed 46 runners to steal a base.

Raleigh 25, had 78 hits with 63 RBIs and 27 home runs this season. He six errors and put out 911 batters.

 First Base: John Olerud vs Ty France:

First baseman John Olerud, 32, played in 159 games for the 2001 Mariners. He had 173 hits with 21 home runs and 91 RBIs. Olerud scored 91 runs and struck out 70 times with 94 walks. On the defensive end, Olerud had nine errors and helped turn 116 double plays. He also had 1211 putout for a fielding percentage of .999.

Ty France, 27, has 152 hits with 84 RBIs with 20 home runs. Defensively he had three errors and 820 putouts.

Second Base: Bret Boone vs. Adam Frazier:

Bret Boone, 32, appeared in 158 games for the 2001 Mariners team. He had 141 RBIs on 206 hits with 37 home runs. He scored 118 runs and struck out 110 times with 40 walks. On the defensive end, Boone had 10 errors and played a part in 90 double plays. Boone put out 286 batters and had a fielding percentage 0f .986.

Adam Frazier, 30, had 129 hits for 42 RBIs and three home runs in 2022. He had seven errors and 246 putouts.

Shortstop: Carlos Guillen vs J.P. Crawford:

Carlos Guillen, 25, played in 140 games and had 118 hits for 53 RBIs and five home runs for the 2001 team. Guillen had 89 strikeouts and walked 53 times. Defensively, he had 10 errors and 75 double plays for a defensive percentage of .980. Guillen put out 187 batters.

J.P. Crawford, 27, has 126 hits on the season. He also has 42 RBIs and six home runs. Defensively, he had 14 errors and 162 putouts.

Third base: David Bell vs. Eugenio Suárez:

David Bell, 28, appeared in 135 games on the season with 122 hits and 64 RBIs for the 2001 Mariners. Bell had 15 home runs and struck out 59 times and walked 28 times. Defensively, Bell had 14 errors and 22 double plays with 98 putouts for a fielding percentage of .962.

Eugenio Suárez, 30, had 128 hits with 87 RBIs and 31 home runs on the season. He struck out 196 times. Defensively he 10 errors and put out 112 batters.

Left field: Al Martin vs. Jesse Winker:

Left fielder Al Martin, 33, appeared in 100 games for Seattle in 2001. He had 68 hits with 42 RBIs and seven home runs. He struck out 59 times and walked 37 times. Defensively Martin had four errors and put out 132 batters for a fielding percentage of .971.

Jesse Winker, 28, had 100 hits with 53 RBIs and 14 home runs for an ERA of .219. Defensively Winker had four errors and 176 putouts.

Center Field: Mike Cameron vs. Julio Rodríguez:

The 2001 Seattle Mariners center fielder was Mike Cameron, 28. He had 144 hits with 110 RBIs and 25 home runs on the season. Defensively, he had six errors and put out 410 batters for a fielding percentage of .986.

Rodriguez, 21, in his Rookie year had 145 hits with 75 RBIs and 28 home runs. Defensively he had six errors and 357 putouts.

Right Field: Ichiro Suzuki vs. Mitch Haniger:

Right fielder icon Ichiro Suzuki, 27, played in 157 games for Seattle in 2001. He had 242 hits with 69 home runs and eight home runs for a batting average of .350. Defensively Ichiro had one error and put out 355 batters for a fielding percentage of .997.

Mitch Haniger, 31, had 55 hits with 34 RBIs and 11 home runs in 57 games for Seattle. Defensively he had two errors and 100 putouts.

Designated Hitter: Edgar Martinez vs. Carlos Santana:

Edgar Martinez, 38, had 144 hits with 116 RBIs and 23 home runs for a batting average of .306.

Carlos Santana, 36, had 49 hits with 39 RBIs and 15 home runs in 79 games for the Mariners.

Starting Pitcher: Jamie Moyer vs. Logan Gilbert:

Jamie Moyer, 38, had a record of 20-6 pitching in the 2001 season. His ERA was .343 in 209 innings pitched with 119 strikeouts and 44 walks. Moyer gave up 84 runs with 24 home runs on the season. Moyer also hit 10 batters in the season.

Logan Gilbert, 25, had a 13-6 record with an ERA of 3.20. He had 174 strikeouts and walked 49 batters. Gilbert hit six batters in 2022. He gave up 71 runs and 19 home runs on 170 hits.