ASWSU advocates for menstrual resources, nontraditional students

ASWSU is pushing to provide menstrual products in every single restroom on campus

ALEXANDRIA BUCK, Evergreen Reporter

ASWSU is pushing to provide every restroom, including gender neutral bathrooms, with free menstrual products by the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

Senator Diana Rios said that along with the bathrooms in the main buildings menstural products would also be in the front desks in dorms available for all females who need them.

However, because only four area desks are open and not every dorm has access to one, many students  would not have access to these resources. Due to this, ASWSU is pushing to provide menstrual products in every single restroom on campus.

In addition, Delegate Anusha Bose, explained that nontraditional students feel there is a lack of resources for them at WSU.

Bose said that a nontraditional student is someone who decided not to go to college right out of high school. These students did not take the “traditional” path that is laid out for them after graduation.

She said that since this was brought to her attention, she and other senators have looked in to making a resource page for these students on their website.

Bose said that in the future, they hope to get a center for these students, just like they have for other communities on campus.

Laurren Howell, a junior in criminal justice major applied for the deputy director of legislative affairs and the ASWSU senate appointed her the position.

Howell said that it is important to her to show leadership to those who need guidance, and she is determined to show her strong leadership skills and hard-working mentality, she said.

She believes she can be the person who can bring change not only to her peers but also the community around her. She is passionate about change in the future and bringing people together so that people feel less alone.

“I know that I can make a difference in my community and be a voice for young people no matter their race or gender,” said Howell.