Water line ruptures near Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Valves in surrounding area will be shut off; workers are unsure how to repair pipe



A chilled-water pipe broke around 2:30 p.m. and flooded the area.


Construction workers are trying to contain a flood on Northeast Stadium and Grimes way, the WSU Emergency Alert system is advising drivers to take alternate routes. 

WSU Maintenance Mechanic Steve Westbrook said a ruptured water line near WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital caused the knee-deep pool. Workers were drilling a chilled-waterpipe, which broke around 2:30 p.m., flooding the area. 

The rupture is expected to impact the cooling process of buildings all around campus; internal temperatures may rise above normal levels, according to the WSU Facilities website

The water accumulated over the course of an hour, and it is unknown when the water will finish draining, Westbrook said. 

Other water valves around the area leading to Bustad Hall and the Animal Disease Biotechnology lab are being shut off, but workers are unsure how to repair the pipe at this time, officials said. 

The water-main, which burst last month, is unrelated to this event, officials said. 


The WSU Emergency Alert system announced Facilities Services contained the flooding and reopened traffic at 6 p.m.