Water main breaks downtown

Breaks have occurred multiple times in past



The court found the “special relationship” between the univeristy and its students does not extend to off-campus activities

FRANKIE BEER, Evergreen news editor

Due to a water main break downtown, S Grande Avenue and SW State Street are closed from SW Blaine Street to SW Daisy Street.

Residents may experience water discoloration or low water pressure, according to a City of Pullman Twitter post.

In the past four years, downtown Pullman has experienced two additional water main breaks, both occurring in 2018. On Aug. 27, residents of Illinois Street went without water for six hours after the break until a portion of the cast-iron pipe was replaced with PVC material, according to a Daily Evergreen article.

Earlier that year on May 23, a water main pipe burst on campus, caused by the rusted pipe settling onto a rock beneath it. The break flooded the basement of Honors Hall and causing a water outage in three other residence halls, according to a Daily Evergreen article.

Water main breaks on campus typically occur two to three times a year, whereas downtown Pullman experiences about six to 12 breaks per year, according to the articles.