Cougar Cowgirl: Ropin’ necks and cashin’ checks

Josie attended two college rodeos, one informal rodeo this weekend; took home gold at informal rodeo



Josie Goodrich and Ruby splitting the win at the Pendleton college rodeo on Saturday

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

Whoop whoop! 

Another weekend of rodeoing in the books, and I am happy to say it was nothing but a great weekend.

My game plan for the weekend, and really every weekend was to score good and take my first good shot. That’s what my dad tells me to do every run.

Friday evening was college rodeo #3 of the season in Pendleton, Oregon, and I drew a bit of a stronger calf. It took me a while to get up to him and get in a position where I had a good shot, so I got him roped in 3.3 seconds and split sixth and seventh.

This was a little longer than I was hoping to be, but I roped the calf I drew the best I could, which is what matters.

Saturday, rodeo #4, was much better. I drew a great calf, took my start and took my first good shot. The whole run was super sharp and snappy, one of the best-feeling runs I have had in a while.

I was a 2.4 to split the win with another girl, getting me some good points. Overall, the college rodeos treated me well and I am looking forward to the spring season already.

Saturday evening after the rodeo I did a little photoshoot with Keeper, Ruby and the horse I have had since I was seven years old, Goldilocks. The sunset was beautiful, my boots were pink and our property was breathtaking.

Anyways, the roping and winning didn’t stop there. My family and I traveled to Ellensburg and we all roped in the Kaysers jackpot. 

A jackpot is basically an informal rodeo where we all compete against each other for money, which is how rodeos are as well, but it is much more laid back and strictly for fun and money. 

Basically, we are all gambling against one another for a “winner” that takes home the pot.

The jackpot was two rounds, and then the top 10 fastest on two calves come back for a third round. Then, the fastest on all three calves is crowned the champion.

In the first round, I was a 3.06, putting me fifth in the round and one spot out of the money. I was a little bummed but I was sitting well in the aggregate. 

The second round came and I was another 3.00. One spot out of round money, but sitting third in the aggregate with a 6.06 on two-head. There were about 50 entries, so I was coming back third high call out of 10 in the short-go.

Up until lately, I have not ever really won at any jackpots. I either miss one or just choke somewhere along the line, so this was a cool moment for me to have the chance to come back high call in the short-go and try and do something with it.

I was nervous, but like my dad said, “score good and take your first good shot.” 

Well, I did just that. I got out like a bandit, took two swings and clocked in a 2.5. I ended up being the fastest time of the jackpot, winning the short-go and winning the aggregate. I ended the jackpot with $1,600 in my pocket, so I treated myself to an old-fashioned Campus cheeseburger, my favorite.

This is just your average jackpot that is no big deal, but this win was special to me because it was the first win I have ever had all to myself. All summer at the pro rodeos I got second multiple times, and if I ever won it, I split the win with someone else.

I still have yet to win my own rodeo, but this was a good start in that direction. 

Yesterday after classes I headed home for the Columbia River Circuit finals, which is the finals for the top 12 girls in our professional circuit. The finals are tonight, Friday and Saturday, and my palms are getting sweaty thinking about it.

Making it to the CRC finals was my only goal this year while professionally rodeoing, so I am extremely excited for this opportunity but I am definitely getting anxious as it approaches.

The finals will be live on the Cowboy Channel, so tune in to support your beloved Cougar Cowgirl!