Cougar Cowgirl: Both Sides of the Camera

Josie was on camera this weekend, but for more than just her rodeoing.



Josie Goodrich interviewing year-end Columbia River Circuit champions for the Cowboy Channel this weekend.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

My very first Columbia River Circuit Finals is in the books, and I walked away with a little more than just money.

The first round of the circuit finals in Redmond, Oregon, Thursday night brought a big ole smile and fist bump to the crowd, following my 2.2 second run. I roped a sharp neck and Ruby worked great, winning me the first round of my first circuit finals.

It was an awesome night for me, I was seriously on Cloud Nine. Winning the first round set me up in a great position for the rest of the weekend, but things did not fall my way after that night, sadly. 

I don’t really have anyone to blame other than my lack of experience and being in pressure situations. I did not do my job in the next two rounds, and I am very disappointed, but I am just so proud of myself for making it to the finals and winning the first round regardless.

However, my weekend was so much more than just roping. 

I was super excited to tell everyone about this, but I wanted to wait until after the weekend was over. Although I was a contestant, I was able to be a reporter for the Cowboy Channel.

The Cowboy Channel is basically ESPN for rodeo, and every competitor has the app on their phones, or like my family, it is literally the only thing that plays on our television at home. 

Just like ESPN, it livestreams and shows reruns of all the rodeos happening that week or in the past year, just depending on what’s streaming. 

At bigger rodeos, like the circuit finals, after each round of each event, the winner gets to do an interview with a reporter. I was the reporter interviewing all of the timed events, which is breakaway roping, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping and barrel racing.

I have grown up around all of these events, so I really know a great deal about not only the event but the contestants in this circuit because it is the circuit I have grown up in.

That being said, I was able to interview the contestants that won each night, as well as the year-end champions and the average champions of that weekend. Some of these people I have known since I was just a baby, which made the interviews that much more special.

It was the most amazing experience, considering my end goal is to not only professionally rodeo but then interview contestants at the rodeo, just like what I did this weekend.

Thursday night was especially cool for me considering I interviewed the steer wrestling and team-roping champions, then was interviewed myself for winning the round, and then went back to interviewing the other event champions after that.

This weekend really kick-started the future career I am wanting for myself, all while also competing and doing what I love. 

It was a great learning experience, for both my interviewing skills and my roping as an athlete, and I am really excited for what my future holds.

However, now it is time for me to get ready for the best holiday of the year, runner-up to my birthday. Halloween! 

I am so excited for the weekend I have planned and my awesome costumes, as well as a much needed break from traveling to rodeos (for now). 

I hope everyone has a safe and super fun weekend unleashing their inner child, because I know I will! Happy Halloween!