LandEScapes holds annual Halloween event to promote journal, submissions

Literary journal holds third annual event for Halloween, costume contest winner dressed as newspaper delivery person



Alisa Volz does tarot readings at the annual SpookyEScapes event on October 25.


LandEScapes, WSU’s yearly literary journal, celebrated Halloween early by hosting its third annual SpookyEScapes event on October 25. 

SpookyEScapes consisted of an hour-long social time for people to hang out, sing karaoke, eat food, paint pumpkins and get tarot readings. 

Alex Hendron, LandEScapes nonfiction and social media editor, was one of three people giving tarot readings, and said the event was the largest group of people he has ever done readings for. 

Hendron said he enjoyed being able to provide a window into his spirituality for the people at the event. 

“I feel like we’re doing this because it’s Halloween and because it’s like kind of spooky,” he said. “But like, it really is my spirituality. And so to give people an understanding of, this is kind of what I do year-round.”

Alisa Volz, LandEScapes nonfiction and copy editor, was giving readings as well, but both Hendron and Volz had different styles of readings. 

Volz said she was happy to do readings for people outside of her friends and family.

“Typically I’ve read for friends and people I know who are like ‘oh you do tarot readings, that’s so cool,’” she said. “This [was] cool, to meet different people and do their readings.”

LandEScapes Editor-in-Chief Noelle Niemeier paints pumpkins at the annual SpookyEScapes event on October 25.

After the first hour, LandEScapes staff opened their open-mic night, inviting people to perform dramatic readings, show videos and read short stories. 

All performances and videos were horror or Halloween-related, but did not have to be original pieces. 

LandEScapes staff also invited everyone to participate in a costume contest. The winner was Jamie Diamond, who was dressed as a newspaper delivery person. 

LandEScapes Managing Editor Bex Rock (they/he) said this event was meant to promote the journal and the upcoming submission deadline on December 31. 

The journal accepts pieces from WSU students that include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography and even music, Rock said. 

“It’s just anything creative that a student submits, we look at it, and then we pick out some submissions and put them together and make a journal each year,” they said. 

Students can submit their work on the LandEScapes website