Reigning champs fail to make playoffs… “Blue Wall” takes the win

Karmine Korp and Moist Esports rivalry grows in Europe Fall Cup 

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

After winning the previous regional in Europe, the team of Oxygen Esports fell in the swiss bracket 2-3 and failed to make the playoffs altogether. It was the first time a team went from a regional win to failing to make the playoff over the course of the past three Rocket League Championship Series seasons.

It happened during the RLCS EU Fall Cup, which would eventually be won by the team of Karmine Corp which has the most dedicated fan base of any Rocket League team.

The “Blue Wall, as they are known, were dominant in the playoffs, only dropping five total games over the course of three series.

In the first playoff matchup for the team, they played the reigning world champions BDS, a team motivated by a poor finish in the previous regional. However, KCorp was able to come out on top 4-2 and BDS finished top eight for the second straight time.

Following their loss, BDS player Monkey Moon took to Twitter to discuss his potential to seek retirement from professional play due to personal and mental health issues.

The translated tweet reads “It’s not just Rocket League that pushes me to the limit but life in general too.. I’ve never been so unhappy in my life as I am now and I feel like there’s nothing to make me change that, a kind of depression that begins to take over,” he said.

It is a somewhat common occurrence in the scene, as even his teammate in Seikoo has discussed his own thoughts of retirement due to mental health.

The semifinal matchup for KCorp was against their rival in Moist Esports, the team that their player Vatira left to join. It was also the rematch of a swiss matchup from earlier in the regional, a match that Moist had won in convincing 3-1 fashion.

However, that was on Friday and this match was on Sunday and due to the nature of Rocket League, it was tough to predict who was going to come out on top. Vatira was able to get his revenge as his team won in a dominant 4-1 gentleman’s sweep.

Moist is now just 1-2 against KCorp with both of their losses coming in the playoffs, but this friendly rivalry is far from over.

In the finals, KCorp took care of business in a 4-2 beatdown of Quadrant, with the final game ending in a 6-2 victory for the “Blue Wall.”

“It’s a really good feeling, we are just happy to win,” KCorp player Itachi said.

Vatira once again was the leader of the team, as he had 1.03 goals per game with a shooting percentage of 31.20%. His performance over the course of 38 games was good for a rating of 1.162, the third-best of any player in the entire tournament.

No other Karmine Corp player achieved a rating in the top 10 performances, but they all played well and played together, the recipe that led to a regional victory and major spot achieved for the team.