WSU Athletics hires new CFO

Brent Meyer comes to WSU after time at Nebraska


Brent Meyer will serve as WSU Athletics’ senior associate athletic director and chief financial officer. 

GABRIELLE BOWMAN, Evergreen news co-editor

WSU officials announced the hiring of Brent Meyer as WSU Athletics’ senior associate athletic director and chief financial officer.

Meyer’s job oversees all business operations for WSU Athletics and deals with the financial endeavors with agencies such as the NCAA and the Pac-12 Conference.

Meyer has not been in this position at WSU for long but has expressed his love for WSU and the energy of the campus, specifically the athletic department.

“So far it’s great I have a lot more to get into in the coming months but the first thing that stood out to me in my opinion, the most critical thing, is that the people at WSU are phenomenal,” Meyer said.

Meyer originally served on the senior leadership team with the same position at the University of Nebraska Omaha. However, the biggest difference is the level of competition, he said. At Nebraska, his job entailed fiscal operations, leadership and management for their athletic apartment.

“Is there a difference in the numbers from here and where I worked? Yes, there is a big difference but that is part of the excitement at the highest level of college athletics, Meyer said.

While his position is similar, his goal when focusing on WSU Athletics is to maximize the athletic department’s opportunities when it comes to financial aspects. His goals with the title he has do not originate specifically with himself but with the student-athletes.

WSU has a lot of opportunities, unique value propositions and people get into the position to help with their goals, Meyer said. While he is not a coach and not working with the athletes on a daily basis, nothing gets him more excited than seeing student-athletes reach their own goals.

Meyer’s background does not stop with the University of Nebraska Omaha; he originated from the private sector as the vice president for finance at Goosehead Insurance and during this time he also worked for the accounting firm KPMG. However, he has completely enveloped himself in WSU.

The first thing that stood out to him, which in his opinion is the most critical thing, is that the people at Washington State are phenomenal. They have a good team of people in athletics, Meyer said.