Cougar Cowgirl: Tangled up in Halloween

The Cougar Cowgirl traded her cowgirl hat with a crown for a night



Josie switches her outfit from her typical cowgirl vibe to a princess for Halloween.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

The best weekend has come and gone, and I am counting down the days until next year’s Halloween.

As I mentioned in my last column, I am a big advocate of Halloween. I love everything about the costumes and festivities, except I hate hate hate anything scary.

Sort of ironic, isn’t it?

For example, I paid five whole dollars to participate in one of the haunted houses that a fraternity created, just to get scared before I even went inside. I went with my three roommates and before we went through the back door a scary guy with a chainsaw jumped out, which is the most standard and classic jumpscare in the books.

However, this little jumpscare made me realize immediately that I was not going to be able to make it through the haunted house, and I literally ran off slightly screaming, and waited out front for my roommates.

Embarrassing, I know.

But, I promise I am the biggest Halloween advocate. I put my heart and soul into my costumes every year.

This year started early on Wednesday, where I was just a basic superwoman because it was so early in the week.

Then, on Thursday, my friend Sydney and I dressed up as Adam Sandler, with the basketball shorts that hung to our ankles and baggy shirts. The best part of the costume was the dad glasses that are God awful, but an Adam Sandler staple piece.

Friday brought a little more creativity. Before I explain my costume, let me give you some background information. 

I am unapologetically a Mtn. Dew girl. I know it is cringe and embarrassing because Mtn. Dew has a bad rep, but I just cannot hide my love for it (heartbreak emoji). 

With that, I wore a cute little bright green wig, a lime green mini dress with the Mtn. Dew logo on my chest, and white go-go boots. This isn’t necessarily the most dramatic costume, but it is 100% original. Have you ever seen someone dressed up as Mtn. Dew? No, I didn’t think so.

Then came Saturday, my favorite costume ever. I dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled, and my friend Hunter dressed as Flynn Rider.

We went hard for this outfit, and I’d like to say we were best dressed for sure. I had a purple dress with a light pink, blue and lavender corset on top of it, with my white go-go boots, as well. 

However, I did not stop there. Accessories make or break an outfit, so I went all out. I wore a tiara that was a replica of the tiara Rapunzel had in the movie, as well as clip-in flowers all throughout my hair.

I didn’t stop there. The best part, Rapunzel’s little sidekick Pascal, was safety pinned to my shoulder. I found the most precious little lizard/dinosaur-looking plush toy, and I ran with it.

Hunter’s costume was great too. He already had the Flynn Rider black, longish hair, and completed the outfit with the tan pants, boots, white undershirt and denim over shirt. He even made a homemade satchel out of an extremely large belt and purse, all courtesy of Goodwill.

I just love Halloween, dressing up in all of the fun costumes, and partaking in all of the spooky festivities. Well, I don’t like partaking in the spookiness, but I love that everyone else does! 

Next thing on my list that I am looking forward to is parent’s weekend, which also happens to be my 21st birthday! Now, that will be quite the weekend for the Cougar Cowgirl and her parents.