Street Talk: How did the WSU community celebrate Halloween?

“Pullman’s a pretty different place when it comes to Halloween.”



Chase Potter dressed as Voldemort on Halloween.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

Halloweekend in Pullman has come and gone yet again, and students and faculty celebrated the holiday accordingly.

Between bar hopping and partying on Greek row, costumes were nothing short of outstanding.

Lauren Townsend, senior public relations major, and Alyssa Serrano, senior psychology major, have dressed up as a dynamic duo every year for the last four years, Townsend said.

On Friday night Townsend dressed up as Valhalla Bar and Grill and Serrano was her partner in crime, The Coug.

“What’s interesting about that outfit is my sister made them, she makes all of our costumes,” Townsend said. “We always do a costume together and my sister paints them for us.”

Lauren Townsend and Alyssa Serrano dressed as Valhalla Bar and Grill and The Coug during Halloweekend.

Over the past few years, the duo has also been Jose Cuervo and Salt, while another friend was their lime, Townsend said. The two were also fire and ice last year. 

“To be honest, picking our costumes probably takes about a week for us to finally settle on,” Serrano said. “There’s no rhyme or reason to it, we just like to do one group costume that’s kinda out of the box unique.”

Connor Woodward, senior public relations major, also hit the bar scene on Saturday night, dressed as his favorite tv character growing up, Ben 10. 

“I started watching it on HBO Max again,” Woodward said. “I was like ‘it’s only right.’”

Gabby Durante, senior advertising and broadcast double major, went all out for her last Halloweekend in Pullman.

She started the week on Thursday, dressed up as Snow White, she said. Her freshly cut and dyed black short hair made the costume before she even got the clothing. 

On Friday, she was a vampire, with a black corset and black tutu, both nights hitting Valhalla with her group of friends who were also decked out for the occasion, she said. 

“Saturday was Limehouse which is Theta Chi’s event that they do every year, it’s like an exclusive event,” Durante said. “You’re invited only from the fraternity boys and they decorate their entire house with decorations and they just go all out and this is my fourth year going.”

Gabby Durante dressed as Poison Ivy during Halloweekend.

Durante was dressed as Poison Ivy, covered in green clothing and wearing a long bright red wig with green vines wrapping around her hair and body, she said. 

Even the WSU faculty was getting into the Halloween spirit on Monday for classes.

Chase Potter, assistant accounting professor, went all out for his Voldemort costume. The Carson College of Business had a faculty costume contest, he said.

With a bald cap covering all of his ears and hair, the skin showing on his face and neck were painted a ghostly white, Potter said. The rest of his body was covered by a black robe, and his fingernails had long white acrylics that held the dragon bone wand that is a Voldemort staple piece.

“Normally I do something less intense but it’s kind of funny, my last name is Potter,” he said. So, I thought rather than dressing as Harry or something like that, it would be kind of funny to be the bad guy.”

Halloweekend in Pullman is an extraordinary weekend, full of spookiness and costumes that only make sense in Pullman, leaving students counting down the days until next year’s holiday. 

“I am kind of upset that it was my last Halloweekend because it’s never gonna be like this ever again, Pullman’s a pretty different place when it comes to Halloween,” Durante said. “So yeah, I’m definitely upset, but I think I went out with a bang.”