WSU PD addresses social media presence, spread of misinformation

Interim chief of police discussed an increased effort to spread information to the masses



Gary Jenkins speaks to the Senate, Nov. 2.

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

Gary Jenkins, WSU Interim Chief of Police addressed the concern of misinformation being spread to the ASWSU Senate.

Jenkins came to speak to the senate in a continued effort to increase transparency and improve student-to-police relationships following the suspension of Matt Kuhrt.

The goal for WSU Police Department is to release information that may be valuable to the community regarding crimes, drugs and alcohol, along with any further information that would help increase transparency, Jenkins said.

However, there are notable exceptions to what  WSU PD will be posting to social media and providing to the public, he said.

“Sometimes we generally have some issues getting details out in situations involving mental health and suicide or attempted suicide because of privacy issues, so on those,  we will release as much information as we can,” he said.

The other notable exception is for any crime that is involved in an ongoing investigation, as the police will not release any information that they feel will jeopardize the police’s ability to do their investigation, Jenkins said.

In his last note, he encouraged the Senate to promote following the department on social media, and to reach out with any questions regarding any potential misinformation or non-clarified details.

In other ASWSU news, the Senate voted on three new bills that were unanimously approved with no further discussion.