Winter Weather 101

How to: Winter Weather



Winter is approaching, so be prepared on what to do when the snow really hits.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

From sunny and 75 to shivering and 35, Pullman weather took a full 180 turn in two short weeks. 

Winter weather is fast approaching, and it just hits a little harder in Pullman.

Thanksgiving break and then winter break are near, which means students traveling home in snow or freezing temperatures. With that, I have prepared a list of things to wear and do in order to keep you safe and warm. 

Winter clothes to buy:

  1. Coat: A quality coat may be a little spendy, but it is worth staying warm. Make sure it is a little longer and waterproof to protect you from snow or rain.
  2. Sweaters: Sweaters are great for layering and adding warmth underneath said coat.
  3. Boots: Any sort of winter boot that is comfortable but keeps your feet dry. Staying dry is a big factor in the shoes you choose for the season.
  4. Hats: Keep those ears warm!
  5. Gloves: Gloves are super important in keeping your hands warm. Wool or leather will be the best for that and make sure they aren’t too tight or too loose. 

What to pack in your car:

  1. Snowbrush or snow scraper. 
  2. A small shovel: Places sell mini shovels to keep in your car and one of these handy dandy things literally got me unstuck last year.
  3. Extra pair of gloves, hat or sweater: Any extra warm winter clothing should be in the trunk in case you are on the side of the road and need it.
  4. Blankets: Similarly to the last one, anything can happen, and it never hurts to have a blanket ready for warmth.
  5. Hand and feet warmers: These things have saved my life!!
  6. Flashlight/first aid kit
  7. Water and nonperishable food items: While we hope that nothing would ever happen, winter weather can stroll to the beat of its own drum, and you wouldn’t want to take a chance! Have some water and snacks ready in case you are stranded or really need it.

How to winterize your car:

  1. Get your car serviced! Take it to your local car shop and have them check everything out, especially brakes and battery.
  2. Winter tires: These may be expensive, but they can make all the difference.
  3. Maintain tire pressure: If your tire pressure ever gets low, go to Les Schwab and they will fill your tires with air for free. Don’t let them get too low!
  4. Keep your gas tank half full: This may be a little harder, but you would rather be safe than sorry. If something were to happen and someone had to come rescue you, wouldn’t you want to wait in a heated car?
  5. Winter windshield wipers: Make sure your front and rear windshield wipers can really get that snow off your windshield and create a clear view.

How to drive in the winter:

  1. Drive slow!! This is one of the biggest parts of being safe in winter conditions. Once things get going too fast, it’s really hard to slow down.
  2. Know your brakes: Start slowing down earlier than normal, it will take a while for some brakes to start working if driving on the ice or snow.
  3. Keep a little bit further distance between the cars around you: Like I said, it takes a while for some cars to slow down, and that is the same for the people around you.
  4. Accelerate and decelerate slowly: To avoid spinning or skidding out, don’t stop on the gas immediately. Ease into it. The same goes for decelerating and getting those brakes warmed up.
  5. If the weather is bad enough, just stay home. As much as I love a good Starbies on a cold winter morning, it may not be the best idea in a snowstorm.

As you head home for breaks and we get into the thick of it, remember to wear your warm clothes and use caution when it comes to vehicles! Some of these tips may seem unnecessary or tedious, but they could make all of the difference. 

When the snow starts coming down in Pullman, have some hot cocoa in one hand and your best snowman-making gloves in the other!