ASWSU: ‘Any idea you have is possible, the only question is how’

Streamlining senate resoloutions



Nikolai Sublett adresses resoloution confusion

BRANDON WILLMAN, Evergreen reporter

ASWSU addressed confusion amongst the senate regarding resolutions.

Nikolai Sublett, director of university, affairs passed three to four resolutions for the 2021-22 academic year.

When looking at the potential ideas of resolutions that were brought up by senate members, Sublett said that every idea that was potentially proposed was possible.

“Any idea you have is possible, the only question is how,” he said.

Sublett advised the senate that if they have any questions or concerns regarding the drafting process of a resolution to reach out to him and that he would be willing to work with any individual.

He further discussed the general confusion regarding how streamlined the resolution needs to be before it is presented to the rest of the Senate.

“With resolutions, the general consensus is that it states a problem that you want to solve. You do not need to solve the problem before proposing a resolution,” he said.