Pubs on the Palouse: wine cellar turned to brewery now popular spot in town

Paradise Creek used to be a wine cellar, now serves beer, spirits and more



Paradise Creek Brewery has food and drinks for all.


Pullman’s famous, well-loved Paradise Creek Brewery was once a fine-dining wine cellar that operated before 2008.

General manager Jonny Handy said when the recession hit fewer and fewer people were buying fine wine and the owner was home brewing at the time and decided to turn it into a brewery. 

The name ‘Paradise Creek’ came from the fact that they’re on Paradise Street and the Three Forks River runs right through downtown, Handy said. 

The restaurant operates as a full-service restaurant allowing all ages to dine, he said. They have wine, spirits, beer and a full menu from lunch to dinner. Paradise Creek Brewery used to be the building where they brewed all their beer, but with their new brewing system they started up a trailside spot. 

The trailside taproom located at 505 SE St serves 20 different taps of beer, wine and cider, Handy said. 

It is a big warehouse which is a lot more efficient for how they are able to set up their brewing tanks, he said. The taproom itself has the brewing operations of about three quarters of the building, and different events like trivia and live music. 

The trailside taproom and the restaurant have created two different types of customers, he said. The taproom location is a mix of people who really like beer and grad students, whereas the restaurant gets a lot more families and couples going out on dates.

While the taproom doesn’t offer meals, the restaurant offers free delivery to the taproom so people can experience both at the same time, he said. 

2022 WSU alum Jaiden Mahoney is currently in grad school working towards her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. 

Mahoney has visited both Paradise Creek Brewery and the Trailside Taproom multiple times throughout her years at WSU, she said. 

She heard about the Taproom because students from her college would gather for events after exams and use it as a meeting spot, she said. 

“The hospitality is great,” she said. “They’re wonderful at answering any questions you have. If you want to ask a few questions before you divide on a specific beer, they’re great at describing them and guiding you towards something that suits your preferences.” 

The actual restaurant itself was initially built as the first post office building in 1930, Handy said. It eventually turned into a brewery with beautiful hardwood floors, decorative wall pieces and large tables.

He said the taproom is more of a warehouse-style where you’ll see all the brewing equipment and very industrial stainless steel tanks. 

They aim to keep the customer experience easy-going and comfortable, encouraging employees to get to know their customers and build a connection, he said.

The beer menu ranges from really light beers to really dark beer, he said. Their most popular beer is sold across the state known as ‘the huckleberry pucker.’ It starts out with a fruity taste and ends sour like a sweet tart. 

Their restaurant has a mix of appetizers, burgers, salads and other entrees. He describes it as fancier pub food because they use a lot of fresh ingredients and meals are served in large portions. 

Handy has loved being able to taste all the really good food and drinks on the brewery’s diverse menu, he said.

“Whether it’s the people that work here or customers that come through, I get a lot of social interactions with a bunch of people that I never would’ve otherwise,” he said. 

Paradise Creek Brewery is located at 245 SE Paradise Street, and the Taproom is located at 505 SE Riverview Street.