UI professor cancels classes until homicide suspect is found

Investigators state there is no threat to community, professor still worried about students’ lives



The Moscow Police Department investigates a possible homicide at an apartment complex near the University of Idaho, Nov. 14, in Moscow, Idaho.


Police have continued their investigation of the homicide case killing four University of Idaho students this weekend.

No weapons have been found yet, but it has been confirmed that an edged weapon like a knife was used, according to a press release.

Autopsies are scheduled for later this week to provide more information on how the victims passed, according to the press release.

Investigators believe this was a targeted attack and there is no ongoing threat to the community as a whole, according to the press release.

Even though the investigators state there is no threat to the community, Zachary Turpin, UI American Literature assistant professor, is canceling his classes until there is a confirmed suspect.

The public has been told there is no confirmed suspect, but there is no threat to the community, and those statements are conflicting, Turpin stated in an email. Until there is more information, he does not want to ask his students to go out and about because their lives are more important than their grades.

A lot of his students have already left to go home for Thanksgiving break, and while the classroom scene may be comforting to the students still in town, Turpin cannot guarantee their safety especially since they are worried there is a murderer at large, he stated in his email.

With the little information at hand, it is hard not to be worried for everyone’s safety, and Turpin worries for not only his students, but his sons and wife as well, he stated in his email.

There is a lot of confusion and fear right now in the Moscow and Pullman communities, but Turpin assures that there are thousands of people who are willing to help and comfort people in need, he stated in his email.

A vigil was initially scheduled for Wednesday evening, has been pushed to after fall break, according to an Argonaut article.