A bird’s eye view into Martin Stadium during Parent’s Weekend

Families show Coug spirit despite cold temperatures



Butch T. Cougar and Papa Butch walk around the field during an NCAA football game against Arizona State, Nov. 12.

ALENA RINEHARDT, Evergreen reporter

Sitting up above Martin Stadium and looking down into the stands early Saturday morning, you can feel the excitement in the air. Families and students alike start to shuffle into the stadium and find their seats, talking and laughing with one another and as they do the palpable feel of the joy of Parent’s Weekend is evident.

The good mood that seems to be universally felt is made even more obvious as a man exclaims, “What a great day for football!”.

It was a brisk 38 degrees but the sun still found a way to peek through in spots, primarily on the student section which those who were sitting there seemed grateful for. Families huddled together bundled up with blankets and thick coats, although when looking into the stands there is still a sea of crimson and gray. Many families are taking pictures, along with an occasional selfie.

As the Cougs make their way down to the field you can see the crowd dance and cheer, the school spirit for WSU is shown by all. Finding Butch in the throngs of people was comparable to “Where’s Waldo?” but he could be found in the midst of it all being held into the air by a couple of fans, as he urges the crowd to get louder.

When narrowing in on the crowd, there are a couple of families and Coug fans that especially stand out. What looks to be a family of four, all dressed in Coug gear, sit in the stands with smiles on their faces. One of them, a boy who looks to be around 10 or 11, lets loose and brings his best dance moves. From jumping around to dabbing, he does it all and looks to be having the time of his life. A younger boy who looks to be his little brother tries his best to follow suit by jumping around as well. Their parents sit back smiling and laughing, enjoying the two boys’ antics.

A second family that catches my eye stands in the midst of the student section. It appears to be a father and daughter, and their energy is infectious. The father puts his arm around his daughter as the camera focuses on them and they are displayed on the jumbotron. It is impossible to hear them, but it is easy to make out their words as they yell, “Go Cougs! A picture of pure joy, they seem thrilled to have made it onto the big screen.

Finally, a group of three boys was easily noticed in the stands. They sit at the very top of the student section, with nothing on but pants, gloves and a hat. The distance between them and the field appears non-existent as the energy they exude seems that they are right there on the field with the players.

On their bare chests, each has a letter written on them, a “W,” “S” and “U.” The temperature being in the 30s seems to not bother them while they jump and dance around as Andy Grammer’s, “Back Home,” blasts through the stadium.

Looking into the crowd, the qualities of community and pride for our school that WSU is known for truly shine through. You can feel it in the air and you can see it in the faces of every Coug fan, it is a feeling that seems to be indescribable. Through cold temperatures, wins, losses and more, Cougs really do support Cougs.