Run Fugitive Run! How a simple event made a big difference

Tag out Alzheimer’s took over the campus, in a CAPstone project that will not be forgotten



Butch attempts to save a runner from a hunter in front of the Chinook Bus stop, in a game of Fugitive, put on by sports management seniors for their capstone project in support of the the Alzheimer’s Association, Nov. 9.

EMMETT-WALTER BRYZ-GORNIA, Evergreen photographer

Each senior sports management major is required to plan a capstone project that benefits a cause through some sort of activity.

Sports Management Capstone projects are as diverse as the students they wish to engage with on campus. This one in particular, though, could almost be described as alien-like.

“Fugitive is like a simplified game of sharks and minnows”, said Kaden Walsh, senior sports management major and one of the event organizers.

“You have to get from the Spark lawn to here (the Chinook) without getting tagged,” Kaden said.

Though it sounds simple, just like this event, it was anything but! Runners could not go through buildings or use cars, Charlie said.

For every three runners, there was one “hunter” whose sole job was to stop as many runners from getting to Butch by “tagging” them. Oh yeah, did I not mention that Butch T. Cougar was the finish line for the runners?

The organizers gave prizes to the top three runners and a prize to the top hunter.

Charlie and his group had been planning for months on this event. That’s why when mother nature dashed them with a full-on weather advisory-level storm; they were forced to improvise.

“My computer was so cold it just shut off completely, forcing me to use good-ol paper & pencil,” Charlie said.

This was after the fact they moved their event to the following week. But that still didn’t deter the contestants.

Participants & organizers of “WSU Fugitive: Tag out Alzheimer’s” pose for a group photo near the Kimbrough Music Building and Bryan Clock Tower, Nov. 9 in Pullman.

“It’s always fun supporting others, but it’s greater than that,” said Donavyn Velez-Fucal, WSU Recreation student development coordinator.

What he is referring to is the event was to help raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association.

“We chose it because our group had family & friends affected by it,” Charlie said.

“As a broke college student, it’s hard to find fun activities while also supporting charities. That’s why it’s cool I got the opportunity to also win a prize,” said Timothy, the second-place runner. He won a customized pair of Oakley Sunglasses.

The second-place runner then gave Alex King, senior business management major and the No. 1 hunter, his prize of Apple Air Pods.

“My dad needs some headphones but didn’t want to get him some cheap wired ones,” Timothy said.

Alex then won the raffle of a WSU hoodie,

“It’s a good day to be Alex King,” he said.

I could go into more about how contestants gave me their strategies or play-by-play of all the climatic moments but instead, I leave you with this. Yes, this event was fun and unique, even for a bystander watching all the storylines unfold.

At the end of the day, though, there will be other Sports Management events with fun activities, great prizes and funding for other fantastic causes. Keep your ears and eyes open. Perhaps you will be the next participant that has a great time.