Police continue to investigate on claim of one of Moscow murder victims’ having stalkers

No suspect identified in the murders; 22 days later

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

The Moscow Police Department is following up on a tip about one of the victims of the University of Idaho murders potentially having a stalker, according to a Monday press release. 

The release states that the incident occurred in mid-October and at the location of a local business. It is also believed it may be what Kaylee Goncalves referenced as the stalker incident to friends and family.

The incident was of two males being seen inside a local business before parting ways, where one male appeared to follow Goncalves as she exited toward her car. Detectives contacted the individuals and learned the two were attempting to meet women at the business. This was corroborated through additional investigation, according to Moscow PD.

Currently, there is no evidence these two are involved in the murders and it is also believed that the incident was isolated and not a part of ongoing stalking, according to Moscow PD.

“We have followed up, looking at specific time frames and specific areas of town,” Lanier said. “So far, we have not been able to corroborate it, but we’re not done looking into that.”

At this time, no suspect has been identified and detectives continue processing and working through more than 2,645 emailed tips, 2,770 phone tips, and 1,084 digital media submissions, according to Moscow PD.

Moscow PD intends to release vetted information that will not hinder the investigation as they can, which will be posted on the City of Moscow website.