“Never turn down an opportunity to get involved”

Panhellenic President passes on her torch to go teach in Germany.



Panhellenhic President steps down before graduating

SHAKIRA GONZALEZ-LUNA, Evergreen reporter

Senior Hailey Palm has been part of the Panhellenic council since 2021 and has held the roles of both President and Vice President while being a full-time student.

As part of the Panhellenic Council, she supervises all of the sororities on campus and works with different presidents. Also, as vice president she was able to look at all the events planned. 

As President she has learned a lot about leadership and being able to work in teams, as well as delegate and lead meetings, she said.

“I gained a lot of confidence with those positions. As well as kind of commanding a room and being able to communicate my thoughts clearly,” Palm said.

Palm always wanted to be President to change and make a difference at WSU and as vice president she had the opportunity to plan many events for communities.

“We did many  different programs on mental health, substance abuse, sexual assault prevention and diversity, equity and inclusion,” Palm said.

During her time on the council she has worked hard to facilitate the availability for drug testing at Pullman Regional Hospital and to have all the resources needed for more availability. 

During her position, she was guided by her advisor, Erin Lasher. Her advisor also saw many changes and the hard work she put into her events. 

“She has a fantastic work ethic. She is driven and she makes so much time for everybody. She works nights, weekends, I mean she is always working,” Lasher said.

Palm has majored in elementary education with an endorsement in special education with plans to become a teacher in Germany. After the fall starts she will be teaching at her own classroom.

Her advisor is very proud of all the work that she has done in the council and for her education. 

“Hailey recently was awarded the Greek Women of the Year Award. She worked very hard for over the last year or so, to connect with Pullman PD and come campus partners,” Lasher said.

She has seen her work for the greater good of the Pullman community and seen her change the Greek life community.

“Young women on campus feel like someone was rooting for them and was in their corner. She’s always wanted to improve relationships across councils in our Interfraternity council or Multicultural Greek council”, Lasher said. 

Lasher has also seen her grow from the person she was before taking leadership roles.

“Confidence is something she really gains throughout her leadership experiences… and her delegation skills and her conflict resolution skills,” Lasher said. 

With being involved with sororities, council and school she was still able to give it her all on all aspects.

“I think it was really important to have a lot of really strong time management skills. I use my planner, a lot of calendars… making sure that I prioritize what I need to get done,” Palm said. 

Palm plans to do great things with all these skills she learned during her time at WSU.

“I feel like I’ve had a lot of opportunities just to practice being like a team player, a good listener, leader…I think it will be very helpful once I become a teacher to be able to work with people from all different positions and jobs,” Palm said.

Now that Palm is about to graduate she has reminisced about many events, from her first year to her last year. 

“I’m honestly really sad. It’s been a wild kind of a couple years because when I was a freshman, my second semester … was kind of quick. We got sent home because of COVID,” Palm said.

Even though most of her college time was online she definitely enjoyed Pullman and will miss it, and looks forward to what the future has to offer her. 

As a senior,  she has been through a lot during her time here at WSU and will want to give some advice for future graduates.

“One of my biggest pieces of advice is just to get involved as you can. There are many different opportunities to make new friends and just make the most of your time. Never turn down an opportunity to get involved or do new things and enjoy your time while you’re here,” Palm said.