College Hill community gathers to remember Luke Tyler

Luke Tyler was remembered as a passionate young man and a supportive fraternity brother



WSU students mourn the loss of Theta Chi fraternity member Luke Tyler, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023, in Pullman, Wash.

SAYDEE PHOTHIVONGSA, Evergreen news editor

Over 100 students and members of the Greek community came together Tuesday night at 7 p.m. to honor and pay respects to WSU freshman Luke Tyler at Theta Chi Fraternity. 

WSU Police found Tyler dead in his Perham dorm room on Jan. 22 and are investigating his death.

The Whitman County Coroner Annie Pillers said as of Monday, there are no new details regarding Tyler’s cause of death. 

Father Paul Heric, director and chaplain of St. Thomas More Catholic Student Center, which neighbors Theta Chi, spoke a few words about who Tyler was — a young man who was passionate about everything he did and was always there for his brothers. 

College Hill community gathers to remember Luke Tyler at Theta Chi on Jan. 31, 2023 in Pullman, Wash.

Heric asked College Hill to “stand in unity and as a community” in the wake of this tragic event. 

“Luke from what I understand had the biggest smile at his fraternity,” Heric said during the vigil as attendees stood around to listen. 

After a song was played and a prayer led by Heric was said, members of the Theta Chi fraternity made their way to the Theta Chi basketball court where they laid their candles out to spell “LT 4.”

The rest of the attendees stood and watched as the candles were laid out. Members of the fraternity comforted one another, with one individual relighting candles as they went out. 

“I am close to many of the fraternities,” Heric wrote in an email. “I really want all of the Greek students to know they are welcomed and cared for.”

Candles laid down in honor of Luke Tyler at Theta Chi on Jan. 31, 2023 in Pullman, Wash.

St. Thomas More Catholic Student Center was open for members of the community to come inside for hot chocolate and cookies, a space to pray. A card was there for attendees to sign in memory of Tyler. 

Tyler left his mark on the WSU community, with even those who did not know him showing up to show their support.