Album Review: ‘Sports’ by Huey Lewis and the News

Sports week can be rocked out to with this legendary album



Huey Lewis And the News hit a home run with their album “Sports”


What better way to celebrate the “Sports” edition of the Daily Evergreen than reviewing an album called “Sports”?

This legendary album comes from the renowned San Francisco-based new wave group from the 1970s-80s, Huey Lewis and the News. The band is very well known for its bluesy, horn-section infused with the occasional heavy guitar riffs.

“Sports” starts off with a bang, “The Heart Of Rock and Roll” is a classic song, Huey argues that rock ‘n’ roll are not dying (“the old boy may be barely breathing” though) and lists a bunch of cities that are keeping the tradition alive.

As in most songs by the band, there is a saxophone solo that might not work for any other band but in Huey Lewis and the News, it’s not just expected but encouraged.

“I Want A New Drug” is the fourth track on the album, and is arguably one of the band’s most popular songs ever released. This song is one big analogy for a man who wants to fall in love and compares love to a drug. He wants a drug that “makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you.”

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize and understand that this song was an analogy for love and it felt very off-brand for Huey Lewis to be singing a song about drugs.

One of my favorite things about Huey Lewis and the News is their ability to tell stories about youth, growing up and the tribulations that come with life.

Those themes are prevalent in “Finally Found A Home,” which in my view is about growing up in a competitive society and the importance of finding people that you are able to lean on and that it is okay to not be sure what you want to do with your life right away.

“If This Is It” is about a relationship that seems to be ending. What I appreciate about this song is that it doesn’t seem to be full of anger, spite or resentment, it just seems to be a conversation about the relationship wrapping up. “If this ain’t love baby, just say so,” is the line that really summarizes the story pretty clearly.

Jumping back a few tracks, “Bad Is Bad” is a really interesting juxtaposition, it combines the doo-wop stylings of Huey Lewis and The News and tells the story that it’s okay to be bad sometimes. I think it is kind of funny to claim to be bad and then play a harmonica solo.

Now that I think about it, there is another sports-related album name by HL & The N. I think that means it’s time for a double album review, next up is “Fore!”

“Fore!” is probably the best work by the band, with their two most popular songs (arguably) finding their home on this album.

“Hip To Be Square” is debatably the band’s best and most popular song, the upbeat instrumental matches with a story about the pleasures of fitting in with society. There is one lyric in particular that is really powerful and that is, “An idea whose time has come.” I think that line is up for an interpretation definitely makes me curious.

“Doing It All For My Baby” is another classic song from “Fore!” and the music video is worth a watch for sure. This song seems to be an antithesis of “If This Is It.” It focuses on a happy, loving relationship and that being in a relationship makes the narrator a better person.

“Stuck With You” is thematically somewhere in the middle of those two songs in the relationship/love sense, it tells the story of being “happily stuck” in a relationship with someone. This seems to be more tongue-in-cheek than seriously complaining about being stuck with their partner. The song reveals that sentiment towards the end, saying “‘cause I can see that you’re happy to be stuck with me.”

I will leave the song “Whole Lotta Lovin’” up to your interpretation but there are some really fun harmonies and jazz tendencies throughout the tune that make it a really fun listen.

To me, the song “I Never Walk Alone” is the hidden gem from “Fore!” It emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people that care about you and that being with friends and family makes you a better person.

Overall, “Fore!” and “Sports” are two incredible albums that are definite highlights of the classic rock era. Huey Lewis and the News are such an incredible, unique sound that nobody else is really able to copy. Combining jazz, blues and doo-wop to create an awesome rock band that will never be forgotten.