WSU PACE program offers discounts for courses

Discounts apply to PACE online courses, both students and employees are eligible.

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor

WSU’s Professional and Corporate Education is now offering discounts for their non-credit courses of up to 90% for students this semester.

Hakan Gurocak, director of PACE, said the discounts apply to both current WSU students and faculty and staff.

“Current WSU students, that’s one discount we have, 90% off,” Gurocak said. “The second discount we have is for WSU employees, including faculty and staff. That is 75% off.”

Gurocak said there are seven courses that these discounts apply to, all of which are provided by the program. These classes are non-credit but serve the purpose of teaching students valuable skills for employers. They will be offered for the current spring semester.

“This program offers courses for working professionals,” Gurocak said. “The courses are in the evenings and we have the courses on Zoom so that people can log into the Zoom without having to go to campus.”

According to, the purpose of non-credit courses depends on the individual students, but these types of courses usually have uses outside of working towards a degree.

Non-credit classes offer personal development and intellectual growth opportunities,” the website reads. “These non-intensive classes give students chances to examine, analyze and research topics for fun.”

Gurocak said people can register for these courses on the PACE website. There are limited seats, so people are encouraged to register quickly.

“When you finish a course you get a certificate of completion to show you completed the course,” Gurocak said. “These are the types of skills employers are looking for.”

Many of the courses offered are usually about $1,000 without the discount, Gurocak said. Students who are currently enrolled are the only ones eligible for these discounts, but they are available for students on any WSU campus.

Some of the courses offered by the program are E-commerce Website Development and Social Media Marketing, Gurocak said. Once you complete the course, you should receive a certificate of completion.

“I view this as an important resource for the students,” he said. “You can learn these in a short period of time.”

Gurocak said the deadline to apply is March 3, after which the registration will close.

“Don’t wait until the last minute,” Gurocak said. “There’s only a limited number of seats.”