WSU rowing takes Fawley Cup for 28th time in 31 tries 

Cougs take four of seven races against Gonzaga

JOSEPH RUTO, Evergreen reporter

WSU rowing was up north last week for an interstate contest with Gonzaga, April 12 on Silver Lake near Medical Lake.

The Fawley Cup, given to the winner of the annual 1V8+ race between Gonzaga and WSU, stayed with WSU as the Cougars won with a time of 6:36.26. Gonzaga finished 1.63 seconds behind with a time of 6:37.890.

The WSU 1V8+ team of Ainsley Tiernan, Madeleine Pollard, Grace Trujillo, Georgina Ericsson, Eliza Dawson, Fiona Elliott, Amy Patten, Ilaria Macci and Laurita Nemeraviciute helped retain the Fawley Cup for the 28th time in the 31-year history of the trophy.

WSU grabbed victories over the Bulldogs in the 1V8+, 2V8+, 3V8+ and 2V4+ races. In the 2V8+ race, the Cougs finished with a time of 6:53.07, compared to Gonzaga’s 7:01.11.

In the 3V8+ race, the Cougars won with a time of 7:17.93. Gonzaga finished seven seconds behind the Cougs in the 3V8+ race with a time of 7:25.71. WSU’s 2V4+ boat finished with a time of 7:40.94, to give the Cougars their fourth and final victory of the day.

WSU’s 1V4+ crew placed second to Gonzaga in the 1V4+ race, with a time of 7:38.94. Gonzaga won the 1V4+ race with a time of 7:35.67. Gonzaga got a pair of wins over WSU’s novice eight boats. Gonzaga’s 5V8 crew won the race against WSU’s N8+ A boat, as the Cougs finished at 7:28.67. Gonzaga’s 5V8 boat also beat the Cougs’ N8+ B boat, as WSU clocked in with a time of 7:59.97.

WSU rowing is back in action this weekend, Friday and Saturday, as they head to North Carolina to compete in the Lake Wheeler Invitational against some of the top rowing programs in the country including No. 14 Duke, No. 10 University of Pennsylvania and No. 19 University of Iowa.