Movie review: ‘Creed III’ should be the end to the series

I think the “Rocky” franchise should come to an end after this movie


The third installment in the “Creed” series, a legacy series of the highly acclaimed “Rocky” series.


The third installment in the “Creed” series, a legacy series of the highly acclaimed “Rocky” series, was released in early March of this year.

While I enjoyed “Creed III,” I think the “Rocky” franchise should come to an end after this movie. I am not sure how many more boxing movies could be made in the “Rocky” storyline.

This is Jonathan Majors’ second major antagonist role this year, the first being Kang in the new “Antman” movie; Majors plays Damian Anderson, who goes by the moniker “Diamond Dame” for his boxing appearances.

“Creed III” is told through flashbacks and current-day scenes, the first scene of the movie is a flashback to protagonist Adonis Creed’s childhood, where he gets into trouble with the law along with Anderson.

The film goes back to the present day, where Creed has cemented himself as one of the premier boxers in the modern day, where he runs a boxing gym along with one of his mentors.

It is revealed that Creeds’ childhood friend, Anderson, ends up in jail after the two had their run-in with the police as a young adult. Anderson was an up-and-coming boxer who felt cheated out of his chance in the spotlight.

The plot of this movie feels really predictable, but just for the sake of transparency, spoilers are ahead!

One of Creed’s prodigies, Felix Chavez, is lined up to fight Ivan Drago’s (the main antagonist in “Rocky IV”) son for the world championship. Drago gets attacked and is unable to fight, it is later revealed that the attacker was one of Anderson’s compatriots.

Anderson convinces Creed to let him fight Chavez for the championship, which Creed reluctantly agrees to. Although the only boxing I have ever watched is through the “Rocky” and “Creed” movies, it was pretty apparent that Anderson was fighting dirty. Intentional elbows to the face and brutal punches by Anderson leave Chavez seriously injured.

This leads to the climax of the movie, when Creed fights Anderson for the heavyweight championship. Creed wins after a long, grueling fight.

Overall, “Creed III” is a pretty good movie, but should be the conclusion of the “Rocky” franchise. Rocky Balboa isn’t even in the movie, which is apparently because of a dispute actor Sylvester Stallone had with the director of the movie.

In my opinion, even though his character was not the best, Majors delivers the best performance of the movie. Despite not having superpowers, like his character Kang in the Marvel movies, he is far more intimidating as an anger-fueled boxer.

The plot is not super shocking; it follows the typical “hero’s journey” plot pretty closely, with the hero (Creed) facing some hardships but eventually coming out on top.

Across the board, the acting is really good, but my biggest complaint is the lack of creativity with the plot.