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Global Learning Fair to be held Tuesday

15–20 faculty-led programs will be present at the fair
Students taking look at an opportunity presented at last year’s Global Learning Fair

This semester’s Global Learning Fair will be held from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Sept. 12 at the Glenn Terrell Mall. 

Senior Global Learning Advisor Tiffany Prizzi said the goal of the fair is to notify students, especially freshmen and sophomores, of different opportunities to study abroad. There are multiple deadlines coming up for different study-abroad programs in Oct. for students who are interested.

“It’s a great opportunity for juniors and even seniors who still want to go abroad to check out what’s available to them,” Prizzi said. 

According to WSU International, students can choose from four types of global learning programs with each offering a different abroad experience for students. Those four programs include exchange programs, faculty-led programs, provider programs and Coug abroad programs.

Prizzi said there will be at least 15 faculty-led programs represented at the fair.  Most of the faculty-led programs are going abroad in summer 2024 to places like Kenya, Italy, Spain and Germany and there is also a faculty-led program going to Dubai during spring break.

“Faculty-led students will go on a program led by a faculty member at WSU,” she said. “Just think of a small classroom, and instead of it being in Pullman or another WSU campus, it is transported to another city in another country.”

Rebecca Cooney, WSU Scholarly Associate Professor of Strategic Communications is leading a faculty-led program to Florence Italy in the summer with the Murrow College of Communication and Academic Programs International for all majors.

Cooney said she never did study abroad as an undergrad student and it is one of her biggest regrets. Studying abroad and expanding students’ minds beyond their personal borders is so important.

“It will add so much value to them not only as individuals but as emerging leaders and professionals, for them to be able to be exposed to different cultures,” Cooney said.

Exchange programs are where students can go abroad and exchange a spot with someone at a different university, Prizzi said. It is an immersive experience for students who are more comfortable traveling abroad that seek a more immersive and independent program.

“You are not going with a faculty member, you are truly by yourself in another country at another school,” she said. “So, those are really good programs for students that can handle a little bit more of that independence.” 

Prizzi said provider programs are affiliated with

WSU Global Learning is affiliated with 18 different provider programs that have all been vetted for health, safety and academic integrity. They offer students more options in terms of possibilities and locations.

“So if students want to go abroad and they have a really niche class that they have to take, provider programs end up being the best option for them because of the amount of options available,” she said. “It means they have better luck finding something for themselves. 

Prizzi said she encourages students who have never left the country to consider doing a faculty-led program after their freshman year in part because it gives them an idea of what going abroad could look like.

Some important application due dates for students interested in faculty-led programs are Sept. 15 for winter break, Oct. 15 for spring, Nov. 1 for spring break and Feb. 1 for the summer, according to WSU International. In addition, if students are receiving the Pell Grant, they should have Oct. 5 in mind because it is the deadline for the Gilman Scholarship, Prizzi said.

The Gilman Scholarship enables students with limited financial means to study or intern abroad. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must receive a Federal Pell Grant during the term of their study abroad program or internship,according to the Gilman Scholarship Program website.

The scholarship provides awards of $5 thousand for all eligible students. These funds allow them to study or intern abroad on credit-bearing programs. 

Prizzi said students can go abroad at any point, whether it be during fall, spring, spring break, summer or even winter. For more information about studying abroad programs, students can visit the Office of International Programs website or visit the office in Bryan Hall 105. 

Students can also monitor their application status at the Office of International Programs website

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