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From position to position, success followed Evergreen Editor-in-Chief

Alexandria Osborne will work as an intern for the Spokesman-Review right out of college
Alexandria Osborne is set to graduate from WSU a multimedia journalism major, April 20, in Pullman, Wash.

In fall 2020, The Daily Evergreen hired a new reporter with no experience in journalism. Her only qualifications were her passion for creative writing and having her stats class kick her butt. 

That hiring changed the life of Alexandria Osborne, senior multimedia journalism major and Evergreen editor-in-chief. After two semesters working at the paper, she knew she had found her new passion, journalism. 

Osborne said The Daily Evergreen is the driving force behind her change into studying multimedia journalism and since her hiring in 2020, it has given her so many new opportunities and experience necessary to get several internships in the field, as well as avoiding the dreadful feeling of being bored. 

“I like being busy and I get bored really, really easily. So I like doing stuff and just being involved with everybody and talking to people,” she said. 

Over her three and a half years as a journalist, Osborne said she has worked as a reporter, copy editor, life editor, copy chief, managing editor and now in her current role as editor-in-chief. She has also worked as an intern for the Tri-City Herald and interned in Olympia for the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association in the spring 2023 semester.

Her internship with Olympia was especially beneficial to her learning. She said having to navigate a stressful environment where she had no way of coming in with all the knowledge of the world made it such a rewarding experience. 

“It was a nice stepping stone for me because I got to learn how to be in a professional setting while still in school and my advisors and friends made it such a great experience,” Osborne said. 

Now, she is graduating from Washington State University and has an internship lined up with the Spokesman-Review. 

Reflecting on her past four years, the Evergreen is at the center of her favorite memories. Whether late night in the newsroom, spending time with people her same age with similar career aspirations or just hanging out, the people she met made her college experience what it was.

But one person stands out as making a profound impact. Osborne said she did not meet Anna Adams, senior multimedia journalism major and Evergreen managing editor, until this past year. Despite the short time knowing each other, she said they’re like two peas in a pod and her one regret of being a Coug is not meeting Adams sooner. 

Adams said Osborne has also been a core part of her senior year, making late nights in the newsroom fun just because of her presence and being a part of her favorite memories. 

Anna Adams (L) and Alexandria Osborne (R) pose for senior pictures, April 20, in Pullman, Wash.

“We immediately became best friends. She is my go-to person if I ever want to do anything,” Adams said. “She is super kind and helpful in many areas of my education.” 

When Lucas Grabeel, who played Ryan in the “High School Musical” series, came to Pullman to be a guest judge for “Cougs Got Talent,” the duo spotted Grabeel at the bar, but Osborne was the one to find the courage to go up and say hi. Adams said the interaction the two had with Grabeel had been a core memory and is so thankful for her friendship with Osborne.

In five years time, Osborne hopes to be working full time in a newsroom, but she said she has another goal in mind for herself.

A creative writing minor, she also hopes to have a book published within the next half decade. She is getting work she’s written published in the WSU campus literary journal LandEScapes and has been working on more side projects that she hopes one day see the publishing press. 

“At the end of the day, this is something I do for fun. It would be nice if I got a book published or something, but like, I’m not dead set that it has to be what I do,” she said. 

With an opportunity lined up out of college and a dream to be a published author, there is a lot going for Osborne. No matter where the wind takes her, Adams said she is confident her closest friend will make the most of it. 

“She is very good at what she does. She has taken control of the newsroom very well and I just really look up to her. I think she has great leadership skills and is going to do great things,” Adams said. 

Alexandria Osborne will head up north to intern with the Spokesman-Review after graduating, April 20, in Pullman, Wash.
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BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor
Brandon Willman is a junior multimedia journalism student from Vancouver, Washington. He started working as a sportswriter for the Daily Evergreen in Fall 2022 and worked as copy editor in spring 2023. Brandon was elected to be the Editor-in-chief starting in summer 2023 and served in the position from May 2023 to February 2024 before transitioning to the role of multimedia editor. He enjoys watching sports, backpacking, and watching horror movies.

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