ASWSU hosts fire and police forums

Departments to gather input on response time, parking over breaks



Winter break parking will be discussed at the forum.

REBECCA WHITE, Evergreen assistant news editor

WSU students will have an opportunity to offer their ideas on off-campus winter break parking to the Pullman Police Department during a public forum tomorrow evening.

The police department will livestream the meeting, starting at 5 p.m. in Chinook Student Center, Room 150, on its Facebook page. To allow snow plows access during harsh weather during Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring breaks, the department will prohibit students from overnight parking in some areas, such as College Hill, according to a news release.

The meeting is designed to inform residents of the plan, but also to solicit feedback from students.

A second meeting with the fire department will start at 6 p.m. Students will be able to give suggestions and feedback on how the department can improve its coverage of the area.

“Since over half of our calls are to students at WSU,” Fire Chief Mike Heston said, “we would like to gather their input.”

He said topics that might come up at the meeting include possibly adding a fire station manned by students on campus. He said that several years ago, where the current art building construction is taking place, the department had about 15 full-time students living in a fire building who were on call to deal with campus issues.

He said he also hoped to discuss a fire science program. WSU does not currently offer a degree, but if the department and university partnered, the station might provide instructors, equipment and training and the university could coordinate.

He said those are just a few ideas he has, but that he would like to hear from students about what they need from the department, such as faster response times to campus and homes.

Joe Kurle, the ASWSU director of community affairs, said via email that the event is designed for students to become more involved in their community and engage with issues that directly affect them.

Reporting by Rebecca White