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Rebecca White is a senior journalism major from Dayton, Washington. Before becoming assistant news editor, she was news editor from Aug. 2017 - Dec. 2017, managing editor from May 2016 - Dec. 2016, copy editor from Jan. 2016 - May 2016 and a news reporter from Sept. 2015 - Dec. 2015.

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REBECCA WHITE, Evergreen assistant news editor

May 04, 2018
Editing, reporting led to dream job (Story)
May 02, 2018
WSU audit finds mismanagement in athletics complimentary ticket sales (Story)
Apr 25, 2018
Former College Republican president sparks on-campus protest (Story)
Apr 18, 2018
Investigation finds WSU Athletics employee violated Title IX (Story)
Apr 11, 2018
Student political groups take on wage gap (Story)
Apr 05, 2018
New director to lead WSU music school (Story)
Apr 02, 2018
WSU settles over ‘offensive language’ (Story)
Mar 30, 2018
WSU employee arrested on child pornography charges (Story)
Mar 27, 2018
Student Conduct rewrite carries into next school year (Story)
Mar 19, 2018
Admin post finalist to visit Pullman today (Story)
Mar 09, 2018
Grad students pass Student Media fee (Story)
Feb 28, 2018
UREC free parking extended to March 31 (Story)
Feb 26, 2018
High-ups earn six-figures (Story)
Feb 19, 2018
Pullman therapist held on rape charges found dead in cell (Story)
Feb 17, 2018
Pullman psychologist arrested for rape charges (Story)
Feb 13, 2018
AKL hazing allegations include drinking games, hospitalization (Story)
Feb 11, 2018
Resident recovers from Stadium Way fire (Story)
Feb 09, 2018
House fire on NW Stadium Way (Story)
Feb 07, 2018
Sports pass voted down (Story)
Feb 07, 2018
ASWSU to consider mandatory sports pass referendum (Story)
Jan 31, 2018
Lawmakers consider revising S&A fee restrictions (Story)
Jan 29, 2018
Three administrators sued (Story)
Jan 25, 2018
Indoor plants can have health benefits (Story)
Jan 23, 2018
Police release new details in Hilinski’s death (Story)
Jan 11, 2018
WSU chooses new Tri-Cities chancellor (Story)
Jan 09, 2018
Fear is nothing new (Story)
Dec 21, 2017
Students condemn sexist fraternity post (Story)
Dec 18, 2017
Behind the press: Evergreen at risk from budget cuts (Story)
Dec 11, 2017
Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity closed by headquarters (Story)
Nov 30, 2017
Mike Leach interviews for Tennessee job, reports say (Story)
Nov 18, 2017
Behind the Press: Reporting on administrative spending (Story)
Nov 09, 2017
Students share stories, lobby for DREAM Act (Story)
Nov 08, 2017
Students to promote clean DREAM Act on campus (Story)
Nov 06, 2017
Former ice cream shop owner sentenced with sexual assault (Story)
Nov 01, 2017
ASWSU hosts fire and police forums (Story)
Oct 29, 2017
Four hospitalized in accident outside of Palouse Mall (Story)
Oct 25, 2017
Performing Arts speaks out (Story)
Oct 18, 2017
Multicultural programs to face budget cuts (Story)
Oct 17, 2017
ZZU Bar & Grill closes (Story)
Oct 03, 2017
Gravitational wave research wins Nobel prize (Story)
Sep 27, 2017
Students voice concerns during diversity VP search forum (Story)
Sep 18, 2017
DACA recipient speaks out (Story)
Sep 14, 2017
State College Republicans leader replaced (Story)
Sep 05, 2017
Unhealthy air quality alert in affect until Thursday (Story)
Sep 04, 2017
Smoke alert in effect until Wednesday (Story)
Aug 31, 2017
WSU study needs participants (Story)
Aug 29, 2017
Air quality warning in effect until Thursday (Story)
Aug 24, 2017
Some Greek houses cancel social events (Story)
Aug 24, 2017
Parts of campus evacuated amid second bomb threat (Story)
Aug 24, 2017
Grand Avenue to partially re-open next week (Story)
Aug 22, 2017
WSU Police investigate swastika and bomb threat (Story)
Aug 22, 2017
WSU President responds to criticism from students (Story)
Aug 18, 2017
University maintains stance on free speech as students demand action (Story)
Aug 14, 2017
Former College Republican comes forward as president resigns (Story)
Aug 14, 2017
College Republicans president resigns (Story)
Aug 13, 2017
College Republicans president attends Virginia rally, sparks backlash (Story)
Oct 28, 2016
‘Living art’ (Story)
Oct 04, 2016
‘Beautiful in its decay’ (Story)
Sep 16, 2016
WSU football players arrested for felony assault (Story)
Sep 15, 2016
WSU football player expelled following investigation into alleged assault (Story)
Aug 19, 2016
Schulz to improve WSU brand (Story)
Aug 12, 2016
Crime and safety Q&A with police chief (Story)
Aug 09, 2016
Prosecution for Snake River fire in Garfield County (Story)
Jul 25, 2016
Several football players named persons of interest in weekend assault (Story)
Jul 21, 2016
Police arrest Spokane man for inn fire (Story)
Jul 20, 2016
Arrest warrant issued for arson (Story)
Jul 20, 2016
Black Cypress keeping it ‘good and old-fashioned’ (Story)
Jul 16, 2016
Students march in Black Lives Matter demonstration (Story)
Jul 13, 2016
Literacy in media essential (Story)
Jul 06, 2016
Wind energy an untapped resource on Palouse (Story)
Apr 18, 2016
Elections Office makes third ballot mistake (Story)
Mar 22, 2016
Regents discuss search for president (Story)
Feb 29, 2016
Malaria research reveals differences in mouse disease resistance due to bacteria (Story)
Feb 10, 2016
Professor questions punishment (Story)
Feb 05, 2016
Bone marrow match could save life (Story)
Feb 04, 2016
Green light for research building plans (Story)
Jan 27, 2016
Call for wildfire state funding (Story)
Jan 26, 2016
Two ply or not to ply: The great toilet paper debate (Story)
Jan 22, 2016
Damages made to city park (Story)
Jan 15, 2016
Whitman County fire commissioner retires (Story)
Dec 07, 2015
SCOTUS weighs in on college admissions case (Story)
Oct 27, 2015
WSU simplifies transition for transfer students with program (Story)
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