MJ’s Pot Shop, new products

BY JACOB RUMMEL | Evergreen reporter

MJ’s Pot Shop is looking to expand its selection to include edible marijuana products after 10 days of being open.

“Steady, consistent,” Owner and Manager Mary Jane Smith said, referring to the rate of business since they first opened. “People like the fact that they can come in and it’s legal and it’s clean.”

Smith said her next goal is to connect with a supplier of edible marijuana products. Her first choice: Db3 Inc., a Seattle-based purveyor of edible goods infused with cannabis.

“I just found them,” Smith said. “I emailed them and hopefully they will send me back some information about their product and what they offer.”

A significant portion of the shop’s first 10-pound shipment of product has already been purchased, and a second shipment has already arrived from the supplier, Buddy Boy Farm.

“We’re on inventory batch number two and we are hoping for inventory batch number three before Dad’s Weekend,” said MJ’s Pot Shop employee Corinna Nicolaou.

Nicolaou said they are hoping to have more one-gram, half-gram and single packaged joints options on hand specifically for Dad’s Weekend.

This way, buyers can get less marijuana at a lower rate, something Nicolaou suspects students and their dads might be interested in.

An ATM used to sit in one corner of the shop, which was helpful to customers considering MJ’s Pot Shop is a cash-only business, but it was recently removed.

“Something must have happened and I don’t really know what, but they said no more ATMs in pot shops,” Smith said.

It was never clear what prompted the removal, Smith said. Under Washington State Liquor Control Board regulations, ATMs are allowed in marijuana retailers.

“There’s nothing in the rules that prevents that,” said Mikhail Carpenter, a representative for the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

If customers are in a bind for cash, Smith sends her customers next door to the Higginson’s Ding and Dent ATM. Smith said the ATM is the same one that was removed from her store.

So far the best selling strain is Blue Dream, a strain that features 24.99 percent Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana more commonly known as THC.

“It’s been around for a while so people recognize it,” Nicolaou said.  “It’s kind of like a celebrity strain that we have here in Pullman. People have seen it in California, they’ve seen it in Canada, and they’ve seen it in Colorado.”

Working at MJ’s Pot Shop is unlike any job she’s ever had, Nicolaou said. 

“Since the last place I worked was the federal government, this is quite different,” Nicolaou said. “It’s certainly not a normal desk job.”