Fire at Steptoe Village Apartments displaces students

IAN SMAY, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Fire Department responded to a fire at the Steptoe Village Apartments Saturday afternoon.

Firefighters responded after a resident reported a fire coming from a nearby unit. The neighbor then forced their way into the apartment and extinguished the fire, Pullman Fire Chief Mike Heston said. By the time help arrived, most of the flames had been put out.

“We had a little bit of fire extension we had to deal with, mostly smoke and heat,” Heston said. “That was the end of it.”

An occupant began cooking with a wok on the stovetop and left the apartment, forgetting to turn the stove off. This caused the fire, and Heston said the occupant admitted to this mistake upon returning to the apartment.

The fire caused damage to the dwelling, including damage to the stove, surrounding cabinets and walls. The apartment is uninhabitable for the time being, Heston said.

The fire caused around $5,000 in damages, Darren Jones, WSU Fire and Safety Compliance Officer, said. WSU Housing relocated the occupants into a vacant unit while repairs are made to the apartment. The repairs should not take long and the students should be able to move back in soon, Jones said.


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