Going the distance

On average, a soccer player runs five miles in a 90 minute match, but redshirt junior Beau Bremer may run eight or nine. In soccer, a player’s fitness level is almost as important as their skill level. WSU forward Bremer has incorporated both skill level and an unmatched fitness level into her play.

It was a cold overcast Tuesday at the Lower Soccer Field. The soccer team was wrapping up training with their wind down period. Fans may think a wind down period is relaxing, maybe lackadaisical. Nothing could be further from the truth. The team had to sprint the length of the end lines ten times. When a player arrived at the end line they would have to do a plank or another workout, until their teammate ran the length of the field to relieve them. And Bremer’s team blew away the competition.

Head Coach Steve Nugent has been impressed with Bremer’s abilities since he first saw her in the spring.

“First you have to talk about Beau’s energy and her mobility, she has been setting a really high standard for the players, our team and herself,” Nugent said.

The Scottsdale, Arizona native graduated from Pinnacle High School. She was a two-sport athlete her freshman year at WSU, participating in golf and soccer. As a freshman Bremer posted the best three-round score of 250 in the Dr. Donnis Thompson Invitational. She marked season-low score of 81 in the first round of both tournaments, according to wsucougars.com.

“I like to play to play golf, obviously, because I am a golfer,” Bremer said with a laugh.

With Bremer redshirting last season, it made her a student of the game. She saw things differently when she was not lacing up her cleats every day; she saw a different side of soccer.

“I had an extra year to see the field from a different perspective,” Bremer said. “That was a good way to see a different view of soccer, then when I came back it enabled me to be a leader on the field.”

Bremer’s coaches all had similar things to say about her. Her fitness level was uncanny, a real treat to have for a coach that likes to play an attacking game.

“Beau is one of our fittest players right now, because of that she can play in a couple of different positions,” Nugent said. “She can play in a high forward position and also a lower midfield position. She helps us play at a high level because of her fitness level.”

Bremer played her senior season at Pinnacle High School under Coach Kasey Bingham. Bingham praised Bremer’s attacking ability and her fitness level.

“She was an extremely talented player who could play any position,” Bingham said. “She was soccer smart and very technical. She could run down any ball, she was fast. She was very coachable and executed our attacking plan well.”

Bremer has no lack of experience when it comes to postseason play here at WSU. Her play has helped deliver the team to the NCAA tournament consistently.

With opening Pac-12 play, she knows that her play can once again help deliver the team to the postseason.

“My personal goals are to score goals (in Pac-12 play),” Bremer said. “I want to score. I want to get my teammates energy up every time we go on the field, since that is my role.”

The redshirt junior has six goals and has tallied five assists over her years at WSU. She is a goal scorer — just put the ball at her feet.

If you ever meet Bremer you can bet you will hear something good about her teammates. She is the ultimate team player, and showered her teammates with praise every chance she got. For her, soccer is more than a game. It is a family gathering.

“I love the team aspect of soccer. When you are not having a good day and your teammates are, they can help you along. It is just the whole idea of picking each other up,” Bremer said.

Coach Nugent said Bremer’s play was exceptional.

“Her soccer is really good right now. She is taking players on one v. one and she is a great passer of the ball,” Nugent said. “You have to put her in a situation where she can run. You need to utilize her one v. one abilities. She is a goal scorer and really good on set pieces.”

As far as life beyond college goes, Bremer has never wavered from her childhood dream.

“I want to be a farmer when I grow up and have my own organic farm and I want to own a bakery. I like to bake. I used to sell cupcakes, but I do not anymore,” Bremer said smiling.

Before she can live that dream, she is currently living another dream, playing soccer in one of the top conferences in the nation. Bremer cannot guarantee another postseason berth, but she does have her team lined up to be there in November.

There is one thing you can guarantee, though.

If Bremer gets a through ball and she runs it down in the attacking zone, she will beat her defender one v. one and put the ball in the net. But do not feel too bad for that defender, Bremer could always send them a care package of her delicious cupcakes.