Express bus coverage could expand

City aims to relieve bus overcrowding by adding express route

DEENA MIGLIAZZO, Evergreen reporter

Pullman Transit is looking to change bus routes to prevent overcrowding at stops popular among students who board north of campus.

The City of Pullman hosted a public meeting Friday afternoon to discuss possible new routes for fall 2018.

Brad Rader, operations supervisor for Pullman Transit, said the Gray and Crimson express routes are constantly full during rush hour, causing students to have to wait for the next bus.

The buses always fill up at the Terre View Drive and Merman Drive stops in the morning, leaving them too full for people at later stops to board, Rader said.

Currently, the two express routes have three buses running every 10 minutes. Pullman Transit is proposing three express routes with two buses running every 15 minutes.

“I don’t think adding another bus will be that effective,” junior psychology major Tori Edmondson said. “Running every 10 minutes gives people enough time to get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.”

Adding another express route and changing from 10 to 15 minutes could make things more difficult for students, she added.

Coug Express, the proposed third route, would stop at Brandi Way and Terre View Drive to prevent congestion at the Terre View and Merman stops, Rader said. The transit system should run more efficiently to avoid falling behind due to overcrowding at rush hours, he said.

“In the mornings, there are not as many people on the blue route, but if I miss the bus and have to take Gray, it’s always full,” said Samantha Wimberly, a senior criminal justice and general studies major. “The Gray bus takes a while to get to campus since it is full in the morning.”

With voter approval, Rader said, the changes would take effect this fall.

The new bus stop would be closer for passengers living in The Grove and Pimlico Apartments.