Cougar Country raises money for suicide awareness

Drive-in aimed to bring in $1,000 for Hilinski memorial fund


Herman Meier | Daily Evergreen File

The local burger joint offered a special meal on Super Bowl Sunday in honor of Tyler Hilinski. The combination cost $8.33, in reference to his jersey number.

ZARA CRUDEN, Evergreen reporter

Cougar Country Drive In offered a special “Hilinski Meal Deal” Sunday and donated a quarter of the proceeds to a suicide awareness fund.

Assistant Manager Richard Marshall said he hoped the deal would be able to raise $1,000 for the #3 Memorial Fund, which was set up in response to redshirt sophomore quarterback Tyler Hilinski’s death mid-January. Cougar Country offered a combination of a burger, fries and a drink for $8.33, a reference to Hilinski’s jersey number.

Marshall said offering the deal on Super Bowl Sunday was significant.

“It was football, so it kind of directly tied into it,” he said. “It kind of brings a somber note into it.”

Employee Grace Lord commented on the anticipated turnout during the Super Bowl.

“[There will be] probably a little bit [of a turnout],” Lord said, “but because of the Super Bowl it won’t be very big.”

Marco Maza, who ate at Cougar Country on Sunday, said he thought the aim of the Hilinski meal special was really great.

“I’ve been here before and I like this food,” he said, “and I like that they’re donating to a charity.”

The aim of the meal deal hit close to home for Maza, who had lost a relative to suicide. Considering recent events, he added, it was especially important to have support like this on college campuses.