WSU to inspect rooms to prevent window falls

Consultant recommends bunk bed guidelines, information campaign

DEENA MIGLIAZZO, Evergreen reporter

WSU released a residence hall safety evaluation Monday following the serious injury of a student in August 2017.

A WSU student was critically injured after a fall from a residence hall window in August. Following the incident, his parents led a campaign for concerned individuals to contact the university, voicing support for increased window safety. A petition supporting window protection received about 12,000 signatures.

A university team published a preliminary report in September exploring the possibility of installing fall-prevention devices, but the team worried the devices would hurt fire safety.

Instead, the university will recommend residence halls conduct inspections of every room after move-in to identify potential safety issues, according to a WSU news release. Students will be given a written guideline related to the use and placement of all beds, and residents will be required to use a side rail for all bunk or loft beds, separating beds from any nearby windows.

The university will implement the consultant’s recommendations before the start of the 2018 fall semester.

Safety Management Resources Corporation, an independent consultant, conducted the assessment. The report examined around 5,000 windows in residence halls varying in style to make specific recommendation for changes.

Along with the other safety recommendations, the university will “continue cohesive education and information campaigns related to the prevention of accidental falls from windows or other areas in residence halls,” according to the release.