CC | Best auto shop

MARCUS STEPHEN COX, Evergreen reporter


Evergreen Tire has been a staple of the Pullman community since 1972, when Chuck Chambers originally owned the shop. For the past five years, the shop has been under the ownership of Zane Larsen, who endeavors to maintain the shop’s commitment to the community.

Larsen was first drawn to Evergreen Tire when he began searching for a reliable garage for his other companies, College Cabs and Palouse Touring Company. Ultimately, Larsen said, the best option was to create their own. They wanted to create a shop that represented what they were looking for as customers and extend that same care and feeling of what a shop should be to the community.

At Evergreen Tire, Larsen said, transparency with customers is a top priority.

“We are willing to spend the time with customers to train and educate them,” he said, “and let them fully understand what is going on with their vehicle.”

Besides building a loyal customer base, Larsen and Evergreen Tire strive to give back to the community by holding a free pumpkin charity every fall. Larsen said last they were able to donate 500 pounds of food to the Pullman Food Bank.

“[It is] a huge accomplishment,” he said of winning the students’ choice award. “[It] shows our efforts to improve things in the community are known and appreciated.”