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CC | Best auto shop

MARCUS STEPHEN COX, Evergreen reporter

March 5, 2018

WAITING ON VERIFICATION OF OPENING DATE Evergreen Tire has been a staple of the Pullman community since 1972, when Chuck Chambers originally owned the shop. For the past five years, the shop has been under the ownership of Zane Larsen, who endeavors to maintain the shop’s commitment to the community...

An accessible sport for all

Students play in an intramural soccer match on April 23 in Martin Stadium.

NICK THOMAS | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

With simple rules and an easy-to-understand goal, soccer is a sport that welcomes all types of people. These traits and many others make soccer the most popular option for prospective intramural athletes.Dana McCurdy, a full-time teaching assistant for gross human anatomy at WSU and a participant in intr...

Café Moro baristas are adored by their ‘crushtomers’

LATISHA JENSEN | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

Tyson Feasel, the owner of Café Moro since 2011 spends most days mastering his coffee skills and getting to know customers.“Everyone gets along, I think it’s pretty relaxed,” Feasel said. “It’s nice to have all these people where you’re kind of part of their lives and part of their routi...

Fraternity values service, academics

RIDGE PETERSON | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

Jack Sparks, a sophomore chemical engineering student and president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said his favorite part about being a member of SAE is the social atmosphere and brotherhood he has with his fellow members.He said he is proud of his fraternity’s involvement and accomplishments.“Along with having good...

Support makes it possible to lead

ASWSU Vice President Garret Kalt, right, and President Jordan Frost participate in a presidential debate on Feb. 5 in the CUB.

CHLOE GRUNDMEIER | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

The name Garrett Kalt made its way around campus during ASWSU campaigning and elections, and the reputation attached to that name traveled with it. During the election season and his time here at WSU, Kalt seems to have made an impact on the student body, as his fellow Cougs voted him best student le...

Helping customers to see how beautiful they truly are

MARIAH INMAN | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

James Cofer is the principal hair stylist in Pullman for haircuts and hair coloring.Cofer is from Lewiston, Idaho, and learned his craft in Lewiston. June will mark his 13th year in the business.“Learning hair takes countless hours behind the chair to perfect your craft,” he said in an email. “You can n...

A beacon of success at WSU

KAIA JOHNSON | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

Out of the 95 majors WSU offers, students have voted communication as the winner of the 2017 Students Choice Award’s best degree.Named after broadcast legend and WSU alum Edward R. Murrow, a famous newscaster for CBS during World War II, the newly named College of Communication was officially launched in...

Daily Grind locations serve comfort

RICK FLORES | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

In most cities, there are multiple Starbucks in close proximity. However, in Pullman the coffee name you see around town is different.It is hard to drive around town without seeing signs for Daily Grind coffee. In addition to two drive-thru locations, Daily Grind has its main store nestled in the heart of ...

‘Dirty 230’ teaches vital information about natural instincts

GEANA JAVIER | Evergreen columnist

April 28, 2017

Once again, students have chosen Psychology 230, nicknamed “dirty 230” for its focus on human sexuality, as best course at WSU.The professor, Laurie Smith, educates students about human sexuality. In fact, her first job at WSU was a teaching assistant for Psych 230.Human sexuality touches on bio...

DJ Goldfinger: Painting with music

AILA IKUSE | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

DJ Goldfinger, general manager and DJ at Stubblefields, may use vinyl records and turntables to DJ, but his music is anything but old-school.“I’m a music nerd,” Goldfinger said. “I love to DJ. I wake up thinking about it, I could be in the middle of something and thinking about DJ’ing, I go to...

Master your golf game for one credit

TYLER SHUEY | Evergreen columnist

April 28, 2017

The official title of this one-credit course is dull and boring (PE ACTIV 141), but there is so much more that enrollees can get out of this class than what is on the surface.The purpose of one-credit PE classes is to keep students on track to graduate. If a student is at 15 credits for a given seme...

The Old European offers fresh breakfast options

Harmony Casey, a waitress at The Old European, serves Eileen Ball and Sue Benson on Thursday.

NINA WILLIS | Evergreen reporter

April 28, 2017

Emphasis on customer service and food made from scratch earned Old European the student choice award for best breakfast.General Manager Channing Benson started working at Old European as a college student looking for a weekend job. From there, she eventually worked her way up to manager’s position,...

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