Reader Reactions | Satellite Campuses to design mascots

Readers react to sister campuses creating their own mascot. Butch, who is commonly seen as WSU’s mascot, is actually only the mascot for WSU Athletics. Not only do Vancouver, Tri-Cities, Everett, Spokane and Global Campus have to design their own mascot, but the Graduate and Professional Students Associations do as well.

Mary Mendoza: “That’ll be less money going to WSU. University of Texas has different schools and different mascots. People who go to UT Austin don’t have a relationship with those who go to UT Arlington, or UT Whatever. They are separate schools. This is bad.”

Max Baer: “I was the one locked in the bus mentioned in the story. I was Butch from 2012-15 and have been involved in these talks for a while. WSU Pullman is required to request Butch’s appearance at events and the satellite campuses are no different. I was always happy to travel to the satellite campuses and they only requested me once or twice a year. Butch is owned by WSU Athletics, which is only in Pullman.”

Carla Luigi: “If they are using WSU in their name, then how confusing if they have a different mascot? This just isn’t right. There’s too much history here.”

Tracie Mirkovich Lane: “Horrible idea. We’re all Cougs and Butch represents all of us.”

Anna Swartz Burch: “We are Cougs. The end. Even UW is still Huskies at UW Bothell, but they have a girl Husky mascot for their branch. I think the male version is Harry and the female is Holly … Maybe the satellites, if they must, can still be Cougars, but Butch could have friends. Butch will always be head Coug to me.”