ASWSU approves executive stipends, confirms committee chairs

Total executive staff salary budget amounts to $45,000 for 15 people


BARRY BRIGGS | The Daily Evergreen

Jaade Archer is sworn in as the president of the Black Student Union at Wednesday’s ASWSU meeting.

DAN DOUCET, Evergreen opinion editor

The ASWSU Senate met to approve next year’s executive stipends and confirm several committee chairs at its weekly meeting Wednesday.

President Savannah Rogers appointed 15 cabinet members who receive between $1,000 and $2,250 per semester. She said the total budget for next school year’s executive staff salaries is $45,500.

The stipends are based on minimum wage for the number of hours each position is expected to work in a week, Rogers said, and they are the same as this year’s. The executive staff may work more or less hours, but receive the same pay.

According to the budget spreadsheet, the lowest-paid position is the executive assistant, who is expected to work 10 hours per week and earn $1,000 for each semester. The director of legislative affairs and the two deputy directors of legislative affairs are also expected to work 10 hours for the fall semester, but during the spring their workload increases to 15 hours and their stipend to $1,500.

The highest-paid position is the chief of staff, who earns a $2,250 stipend a semester and is expected to work 19.5 hours per week. There are 15 positions, with most earning $1,500 for 15 hours of expected work per week.

The total amount paid to the executive staff is $22,250 for the fall semester and $23,250 for the spring semester.

Rogers said that after calculating the number of hours the staff actually works, she saw the stipends equal about $6 per hour. She said for the spring semester, she and Vice President Tyler Parchem are going to request an increase in stipends so executive staff earn closer to minimum wage.

At the meeting, the Senate also confirmed the new president for the Student Veterans Committee, Kyle Norbert. He said that as president, he will work to make sure student veterans are more involved and informed about the SVC and university opportunities. Often, he said, veterans are older than other students and may have families.

“Being a veteran on a college campus can be a little bit of an isolating experience,” Norbert said.

Transfer Delegate Jonathan Brown, also a member of the veteran’s committee, said he nominated Norbert for the position. He said Norbert is currently on active duty in the Air Force, and he is in a special program at WSU because he wants to become an astronaut.

“I love WSU,” Norbert said. “I love being a student and I love serving.”

Senators also confirmed the new Black Student Union President Jaade Archer. She said that over the past year serving as the BSU vice president, she was able to learn more about the organization and herself.

“The biggest impact I want to have is within the black community,” she said.

Senators also confirmed new chairs for the Asian Pacific American Student Coalition and GIVE, a student-run community service organization. They confirmed all chairs unanimously.

After this, the 47th Senate adjourned its last meeting. The newly elected 48th Senate then convened to confirm executive cabinet positions and will meet next week.

Senators unanimously confirmed new co-directors for Cougar Choice Housing and KZUU radio for the summer and 2018-2019 school year. They also confirmed the new Student Legal Services director, co-director and summer director.