SCAM ALERT: Unlicensed magazine peddlers frequenting Pullman

From staff reports

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Unlicensed magazine peddlers have been soliciting throughout Pullman lately, and they might attempt to defraud potential customers.

The solicitors are described as males and females in their late teens and early 20s. They operate door-to-door and claim to represent “Lifestyles Success, Inc.” – a company which has received a grade of ‘F’ from the Better Business Bureau.

Neither they nor the company are licensed by the city, which is required to conduct door-to-door sales.

The alleged salespeople have also solicited donations for local charities, but the company has not provided proof that collected funds benefit any charity.

“We recommend that you do not let solicitors inside your home,” Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins wrote in a statement. “Do not discuss any personal issues, and demand to see a City of Pullman Itinerant Vendor Permit. If they cannot provide a permit, or if they claim that their ‘supervisor’ has the permit, do not do business with them and call the Pullman Police Department immediately.”

In the last several days, the solicitors were reported in the 1600 block of Northeast Northwood Drive, the 1500 block of Casey Court, the 600 block of Southwest City View Street, and the areas of Northwest Harrison Street and Northwest Bryant Street.