WSU student intends to sue Pullman PD after ‘road rage’ arrest

Court date is scheduled for Oct. 27

BRANDON WILLMAN, Multimedia editor

WSU student Daniel Rouhana, 28, claims his Fourth Amendment right was violated and his arrest on Sept. 30 was fraudulent, he wrote in an email.

The Pullman Police Department initially arrested Rouhana after he reportedly got out of his vehicle and struck a victim 20 times in the face and body before re-entering his vehicle and fleeing the scene, according to a Big County News Station article.

Rouhana intends to sue the police department, he wrote in an email.

The police department was unaware of this intent to sue, Patrol Cmdr. Aaron Breshears said. Pullman PD refutes the claim that the arrest was fraudulent.

“The initial arrest of road rage … culminated in assault and driving away. Upon locating him, officers determined he was under the influence and proceeded with those charges,” Breshears said.

During their arrest of Rouhana, the police department used the Interstate Identification Index, which indicated he was previously discharged from the military due to a case in 2017, prohibiting him from carrying a fireman, Breshears said.

However, since he was not convicted of this crime, the police are unable to continue with the weapons charge, Breshears said.

The case is still ongoing, and Rouhana scheduled a court date set for 9 a.m. on Oct. 27, said Dan LeBeau, chief deputy prosecutor for the Whitman County Prosecutor’s Office.