Former Atom Heart Music store owner sentenced to life in prison

Victor Hudak was convicted of child molestation in the first degree on Jan. 18.



Victor Hudak recieved his sentence in Whitman County Superior Court.


After an emotional morning in court on Friday with statements made by Jane Doe, her father and sister, Victor P. Hudak, 52, was sentenced to life in prison in Whitman County Superior Court for first-degree child molestation. 

One of Hudak’s survivors, referred to as Jane Doe, sat with her family at the hearing as they gathered around her. They held her hand and embraced her as she prepared for the hearing to begin. 

Hudak appeared in an orange-striped prison jumpsuit before Judge Gary Libey to receive his sentence after he was found guilty by a jury on Jan. 18.  

Hudak is the former owner of Atom Heart Music in Downtown Pullman. Police arrested Hudak in July after he approached two girls, one of them being Jane Doe, with an erection. He grabbed 11-year-old Jane Doe on her buttocks at a park and touched her inappropriately for 3–5 seconds. The girls recognized Hudak from the music store when they told their parents. 

After his arrest, Hudak admitted to police he was attracted to young girls and asked them if they were as well, said Tessa Scholl, Whitman County senior deputy prosecutor.  

Jane Doe’s father was the first to make a statement. 

Fighting to hold back tears, he spoke about the pain Hudak has caused, not only to his daughter, but to the community, and that he hopes Hudak can get the help he needs. 

One of Jane Doe’s sisters was the next to give a statement. 

“My whole world shattered,” said Jane Doe’s sister as she spoke of her reaction to hearing about the molestation. 

She said she was shocked that something so “disgusting and despicable” could happen to her sister at 11 years old and when the police came to their house after the incident, she remembers crying so hard they thought she was the victim. 

Jane Doe’s sister said she hopes Hudak will never put another person through something like this again. 

Jane Doe was the last to speak. She sat next to the prosecutor as she shared her statement. 

She spoke in tears and said that Hudak made her feel helpless after the incident. 

“You have no idea what it feels like to break down in front of the class and not be able to tell anyone what happened,” she said. 

Jane Doe spoke directly to Hudak and said she hopes he knows she hates him more than anyone else on this planet. 

“Victor, I hate you,” she said. 

Hudak chose not to give a statement at this hearing. 

Hudak’s attorney, Derek Reid, began his statement by prefacing that all child molestation cases are bad and he is not discounting that fact by asking for a lesser sentence for Hudak. 

Reid asked the court to not count the 2019 misdemeanor of Hudak which he pled guilty. Reid said 60 months was appropriate and that he saw no reason for it to go above that. 

Hudak was sentenced to life with potentially being eligible for parole after 68 months. The hearing for the sexual assault protection order is scheduled for March 3.

There was a no-contact order placed so that Hudak is not allowed to live near or contact Jane Doe if/when he is released.