Car flips in crash on College Hill



Ruben Harris, a Pullman PD officer, cleans up debris from a car crash near the intersection of Whitman and Kamiaken streets Friday.

ANNA YOUNG, Evergreen reporter

A crash involving two vehicles near the intersection of Whitman and Kamiaken streets occurred around noon today. One of the vehicles flipped and suffered severe damage while the other drove off and remains unidentified.

Witness accounts conflict, but WSU junior business major Diego Cisneros claims to have seen the accident as he was biking up Maiden Lane toward the college.

“I heard a crash right here,” Cisneros said, pointing near the intersection. “The car was flipping as I saw it.”

He said he then saw a small, possibly dark blue car drive to the end of the cobbled Maple Street and turn the corner. Then he ran to the upended SUV and pulled victim Joshua Bryant from the driver’s side window.

Bryant, who works for WSU Facilities Services, was uninjured despite the state of his vehicle. He said the smaller vehicle had been driving slowly down the hill in front of him at about 12 mph, so he decided to pass over the dotted yellow line.

“The guy was going really slow,” Bryant said. “He looked like he didn’t know what the heck he was doing.”

However, when Bryant went to pass the other car sped up. By the time both cars were approaching the intersection, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to get around the other car in time, so he took a right onto Whitman.

Cisneros estimated the cars were going about 30 mph when Bryant turned, hit the curb and rolled his car.

Ruben Harris, an officer with Pullman Police and the lead investigator for the accident, said there are currently no leads as to the identity of the other vehicle involved.

He said he had received three witness accounts all detailing different small cars, and since there was no collision there was no way to match up vehicle damages.

Emergency vehicles had arrived on the scene shortly before noon and cleared the area around 1:30 p.m. Pullman Transit temporarily closed service on Kamiaken and Whitman streets until the roadways were reopened.